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Monday, October 5, 2020
Alex Gitlin

"Saturday 3 october 20; a day of local music kinda! mad painter practiced, Alex Gitlin learning his keyboard parts on my demos. mad painter going into studio "soon", three originals, one German rock cover. Schmel Herbie Hind is like the Rubber Dubber, making "bootleg" cds of me BUT "Happiness Is" is Gee Julie "Mitchell"'s high dulcet tones singing in car along to "Dead Boston Clubs". Alex Gitlin (Moscow Groupie News!) says: "dead boston clubs ...what can i say? sounds like Motorhead circa 1979. only with more melodic's Schmel's guitar. Very fast Eddie Clarke'....hmm...once on the lil black and white tv about 1981 at 25 Walbridge Street, Allston, mass. I DID catch Motorhead on tv....reminded me kind of MC5 actually; I THINK Carl Biancucci said they were "horrible! absolutely the worst"! but dont quote me that was 39 (!) beers ago...Lastly, as i took dinner watching the Go Gos Behind the Music on youtube ("Arguing with Ghosts"; Solomon Gruberger LOVED them, Jay Gruberger called them the "GaGa's"), Al Hendry on drums; "He's got the beat/he's got the beat/he's got the beat/yeah, he's got the beat!". AND Schmel Herbie Hind (Wayland Groupie News) reports that on Brian Young's show has "Muff Divin'' by Gizmos in heavy rotation! wait'll he hears the new stuff'.....

Tuesday, October 6, 2020
"Sonntag 4 october 20. channel surfin' during the drying cycle and i chanced upon Baby Driver. Opening scene is a bank robbery as John Spencer's "Bell Bottoms' blares and this "punk-blues" cd
IS at Somerville grooves! besides "baby I'm yours' by Barbara Lewis (hailing from the home of the Highlands salem/South Lyon, Michigan!) "baby' is trying to "get together' with this waitress named Deborah; so during THEIR drying cycle, "Deborah" by T. Rex plays (though i had a Wilson Pickett album once with "Deborah" on it...)...a lotta good ole r and b too on soundtrack AND a wikiepedia page FOR the soundtrack! (Let us Keeping it local, on my way to Nu-cafe, i passed by the parking lot of The Jungle. sign said "flea market". Seems the Jungle patio open for food and drink day of Wodin til saturday but NOT Sunday and "we'll be here all year long" (?! Winter? and i dont mean Johnny?) (that has since changed- they will close after oct 17 and re-open when weather permits-ed). I bought a couple-three cds and couple sci-fi paperbacks; THREE DOLLARS! Hey, check it out....LASTLY Coast to Coast Am says FRANKIE AVALON will be a guest....cue up jefferson Starship "have you seen the saucers"?".....

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Monntag 5 october 20. Music to sleep by. One dollar Cheapo Records cd, Lionel Hampton. Mostly Blues. musical heritage society label. very scholarly. Liner Notes by Librarian, Institute of Jazz Studies, Rutgers. i was even at Museum of Our National Heritage in posh lexington the once and IN scholarly tones heard Jelly Roll Morton had played in 'ho-houses and died of the clap! There is a 8 April 1988 session of this legendary vibraphonist; 2 april 88 I was jamming in the kitchen with Tony and the mechanics Cagnina and Matt Gilbert of harlequin ("Billion Dollar babies' comes to mind) when in from a rumble out front came "georgia Skinheads Must Die". Two more dis Parrot forms of music I aint nevah hoid, but this is is a nice come-down-from-Nu cafe latte type of cd, especially the blues with vibes toons (great jazz guitar too!)".......


Thursday, October 8, 2020
"Til Tuesday 6 october 20. by accident, channel surfin with coffee about 0500 caught COBRA. BBC drama, channel 44 PBS, six episodes, so that's all October at least. (Hey that's the guy from train Spotting and The Full MOnty!!-ed.) A "solar flare" comes over Britain and Tory/Labour blame each other. I had to wikipedia bits, but a plane 'headed to newcastle' doesnt make it and "crashes on the A-1" (I'm a geography freak dont mind me)....Another memorable scene, as "solar flare' causes blackout, a very pretty Jamaican-Brit lady is playing a record and all of a sudden the power dieeeeeeeeesssssss......well, THAT kept it musical....she WAS playing vinyl! Tune in to COBRA on your local PBS channel!"....

Friday, October 10, 2020

"day of Thor 7 october 20. I Am Not Gone- a tribute to Asa Brebner, song seven of fourteen. "Babes in the Bar"- GLiDER. Cal Cali drums and sings, Al Nahabedian on guitar and bass and Captain Easychord on keyboards. engineer/mixed/produced by Joel Simches of SMUGGLER! (kicked out of his dressing room at Paradise opening for Bon Jovi coz Jon wanted to be a "cowboy/on that painted horse I ride" with some "BU baby". Rick Harte of Ace of Hearts records even mixed! Ok, but names dont mean jackshit (Cal/Al I met in february 1985 when Jordan and the Half Transplants opened for Jetset at Johnny D's, Allston, Massachusetts) unless you can back up "da goods". Blowfish likened this cut to "Velvet Underground-like"; true's actually more like son of Lou (J. Richman) doing "Pablo Picasso" (I first saw Asa play bass with Jon in DC with Rudements opening; they're on 30 seconds over DC comp). What else do i's vocal is Mouse and the Traps-cum-Highway 61 Zimmerman...."her name was Lydia/she gave me chlamydia ", a brilliant line BUT " got a boining bush already? I got a good doctor you should see!" (jay Gruberger-esque Borsct Belt for those whom drank Mother Goldstein's wine with him!) Al comes in rockin' like Dave Edmunds "i hear you knockin", then goes into a Ron Asheton thang at end; the good captain on keyboards holds down that "I wanna be your dog" keyboards, so to "debate" Blowfish; Velvets. yes BUT add Stooges too! And in other words, MY kind of music and a stellar cut and look for GLiDER GLiDER album soon and like them on facebook! Hope I didnt forget anything...Now "If I could only remember my name" (and david Crosby IS a distant Dutch patroon cuzzin through the Van Cortland line!)".....

Saturday, October 11, 2020

"Friday on my mind 8 october 20. going through an old box of cassettes. $2.99 In your ear....certain this was the now- closed harvard Square location. Greatest Hits Nana Mouskouri, Dutch pressing. Music to Sleep By. Greek easy-listening singer. I LOVE covers sung in "Broken English"! (as if i could do any better). 1969 seems to be her best year; "From Both Sides Now" (J. Mitchell, "Scorpio Queen" sung in "Broken English"); "Try to remember' (Broadway toon sung in "Broken English") and "Mon Enfant' (Day is Done, written by P. Yarrow, minus Paul and Mary). But the gem: 1971 cover of "Mets ta main dans la main"! (put your hand in the hand); a greek singing French on a Dutch records been in them countries but I aint done that yet! mad painter practice tonight and rest of weekend is records/cds/cassettes/books/magazines/sports on radio/eat/sleep and ANTI-social distancing! To quote my distant cuzzin GG Allin "you hate me and i hate you"!".....


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