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Monday, October 21, 2019

day of wodin 16 Oct 19 and what BETTER way to celebrate Miriam Linna (Cramps drummer) birthday than Alice Highland on Heavy Leather Topless! (like them on facebook!). "Every picture tells a story, dont it" and you can watch youtube video, but, yeah, we wuz in RARE form, Mike "Best Guy Evah" Lyons aping Glen Buxton (who, like Dad's father, has McBee ancestry!) perfect. I been singing same Alice songs since 1973, but 200 years before that, mine and his Rhode island ancestors founded that state! (Dead People fact!) I was supposed to be per-tendin' ah were Alice, but "all I gotta do is Act naturally" so I kept goin into Kenne Highland character! ("BOrn this way"-1975, Stevie Wonder on drums!). We did "18" b/w "is it my body" which WAS a 45,then "Under my wheels" John keegan's sqawkin' sax echoing 1972 Andy Mackay...we MUSTA seem like Roxy Music, the "kids" in audience were there mouths wide open....yep, the Stones just seen Muddy Waters! ("we ARE those old blues guys"-Thalia Zedek to me after gig at Square Root, Roslindale!). Lettuce Knott fergit the burlesque dancers, a differn't one for each musical segment (Playboy after dark meets uncle Floyd show di-rected by John Waters!). Watching the 'zapruder film" (youtube) I'm singin' and then is shots of burlesque. "Is it my body indeed" Puritan ancestors MORTIFIED!!!! Me: LOVE IT YO DEATH!!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Freitag 18 October 19. A night off from gigs and practice, Ken and Gee Julie opt for The Joker at Kendall Cinema, $8 tickets from work. Gee Julie thought there was overtones of Clockwork Orange with Joker as Alex Droog; I felt Les Mieserables were having a reign of terror wearing Joker masks as Anoymous. "Gotham" City 1981; yep, land of the Grubergers and O. Rex JUST as I remember it! (even the Coney Island subways from '73-'77!). Ok, too many folks reviewing, I'm a soundtrack geek: Tunefind>movie>joker-2019. "Joker soundtrack music-complete song list on Tunefind. Whenever I hear my favourite classic rock playing during a scene I'm wide awake, but let's all "get up and dance to a toon that was a hit WHEN me mother was born": .Durante/Sinatra/Astaire/Etta/Bennett....but, MY music (similar to Once upon a tyme with Mark Lindsay): "Laughing" by the Guess Who! (THE first hit I heard by them in 1969 Brockport NY USA!)!!! "Rock and Roll Part Two-Gary Glitter (had the 45 in '72!); Joker struts down a stone staircase". "White Room"-Cream!!! (a '69 45!!!!): "Joker watches the Gotham riots from the backseat of the GPD cruiser"...hearin' those toons of my youth worth $8 alone! See it!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

saturday 19 Oct 19. No gigs/practices/NUTHIN' Saturday night ("bodies need rest") so....I bought 13 45s from Cheapo Records. Alan, previous owner, had sold business and moved to Hawaii!!! (has store there too). SO, all the "roots" music I usedta buy there is in boxes of 45s down below, with my big ass sittin' on a stool blockin' "crosstown traffic"....hey, I got ALL the James Brown and Ray Charles was left; '50s stuff is $1.00 each, like Dinah Washington 45s and Sarah Vaughn e.p.s! Glad I bought that Vanity Fair four-speed! (Cheapo records be happy I pluggin' 'em!). Otherwise, a night layin' bed, Jerry Lee Lewis 45s on Sun and college football from WAJR,Morgantown West Virginny on cellphone (though not KENcurrent) and readin' a Pamela Des barre book on groupies....more fun than 1973 Brockport NY and the stuff of which Rock On fanzine was made!"

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Sonntag 20 October 19. larkin' about on "YMCA", I mucked about on drums for keyboardist Alex Gitlin's "White Shade of Aprodite's Children" doing a BJ Wilson (Procol Bore-um, as Solomon Gruberger called them) hi-hat/snare, same beat I used in O. Rex's "Kleiner Suzi". Gee Julie shot a video (it's on my Facebook wall) of us doing Randy Pie's "Highway Driver" but the REAL reason I joined this band: "Sunrise" by Uriah Heep! back in '72 (thanks to metal Mike Saunders, I began with "Look at yourself" which he raved about in '72 and Flash; the Sonics ALSO in the mix and I "ended" when "Jailbait janet's" boyfriend bought the album with "Stealin",which equal graduation from high school, which is where such classic metal taste is SUPPOSE to end!),this song appeared on fifth album Magician's Birthday (also a Schmel herbie Hind fave which is why I play music with him!).Wikipedia entry: "Spider Woman" b/w "Sunrise"! September '72! (got Kick out the jams labour Day '72! "ramblin' rose" from the FIRST note!) picture sleeve! (on wikipedia!) Draped Snoopy Bust! (coins i invented back in fifth grade when I collected COINS, not records or WIVES!). "Spider Woman" has eight chords! Holy Mad painter! Lastly Uriah Heep live double album (April '73! i was also Kinks krazee!) was an early '74 gittin' stoned with "Jailbait Janet"'s brother fave and "Sunrise" DOES open side one of Dazed and Kenfused Sonntag, (Stars On) 45 years later, I FINALLY played it....gary Thain/Jay gruberger (great basses)....gary Gruberger?!!!?!?!? Mad Painter lodge meeting EVERY Sunday, "God only Knows" what Flynn Young will wear".....

Friday, October 25, 2019

Kenne & Triple Thick as Roky
"day of Thor. 24 October 19. Cal Cali presents at Thunder Road (formerly Jasper's!) a Mess-Around of tribute bands (next week, really Halloween is Cal's Dylan tribute at Greek-American social club; Monntag 28 oct 19 GLiDER open for 999 in Providence, RI und Freitag 1 Nov 19 Michael Wheddle's 70th down at C-Note Hull! (shit, next we'll be covering DMZ's "Busy Man")....ok lemme "look at last night" (Slade) before I have Brazilian buffet and Globo TV, eye on me....Thee Fighting Fish did Neil Young and Krazee Horse; Bob Roos excelled at getting that "Cowgurl in the Sand" rampant/distorto sound I love so well on early Neil Young. "dont cry no tears" blew me away coz first tyme I jammed with Johnny Jumper Cable May '80,that and Iggy's "Funtime" were on his list of songs to cover! Neil Young not really my voice and thank Allah! that no recording was made....but Thee Fightin' Fish were "da fockin' ballz!" (Schmel herbie Hind, Wayland Groupie News). Secret weapon: Blonde Sara who can really belt it out, fockin' "I dont to want to talk about it"! (she sang solo or harmonize with Andy Excuse). I had that Krazee Horse lp on 8-track! Rolling Stone review; my facebook friend John mendelsohn! Next was up Sara Scaliwag, as Tom Petty! (drag king acts like this belong on Heavy Metal Topless!). Tophat and "how far did you chase the NY Dolls for those red leather pants and platforms?",she sang early Tom Petty, like first three albums, opening with "I need to Know". Cal Cali doing good harmonies, MJ Quirk steady on bass, Schmel Herbie playing clean and melodic, like Petty's Byrds influences! THIS clown was happy! After that, Cal fronts his Dylan tribute: he sings/blows harp; Schmel Herbie Hind-guitar and Captain Easy Chord-keys. Me and Clark Dark as rhythm section, getting into funky Motown/Stax-Volt grooves! (James Jamerson did all my bass lines using one digit, so i was less Jack Bruce than with GLiDER). THE Legendary Cazbat was "Happier than a porpoise mouth";cazbats having recently jammed on "from a buick 6", Highway 61 revisited. He DID give Cal tribute. Then I did RoKenne Erikson with Triple Thick as band,"goddam, I declare!" they were so fuckin' good! Greg Flanagan was wailin' like Gary Rossington and doing Keef Richard moves as Mitch Murphy shouted out the toons. When you have folks from the other bands dancin',you know you doin' somethin' right! The Evil One album was played, but openers were 13th floor Elevator "fire engine" and lose with "you're gonna miss me" (no ceiling tiles ala Neats at Underground were harmed in this performance!). I sang like it was Jumper cables in '89 "rumble" doin' "kielbasa" and proud to say,after years of singing gospel,didnt lose my voice! lastly baabes dressed like the mummies but sounded like the Baabes coverin "come on up" and "I'm down". i truly had fun, if you missed it, your ozzy sang on "sabbath bloody sabbath": "you missed it!""...


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