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Monday, November 4, 2019

"Sonntag 3 Nov 19. Mad Painter has hired Joe Viglione as publicist, so lettuce give tribute to le Comte; if you like on facebook Mad Painter artist and also my job is EASY!!! Copy my homework before it gets eaten by a "Two Headed Dog"...." (Or by Raggs!-ed) apparently our songs will be featured on this show. Thanks Radio Wigwam! #radioWigwam 5 pm this Sonntag EST tune into radio wigwam on the web! https://www.rdiowigwam. co. uk/ the station plays the minute you click on the URL. Guess I'll have too! I had went to Grooves in Union Square Somerville (like them on facebook!) and the best cure for sleep disorders is Fiddy cent Led Zeppelin tapes! On Sony and another good brand, neat handwriting; this stoner musta bought the cd, man...cassettes are too old school man...yeah I hope your fucken man-bun lights on fire now that you can smoke pot legal! Cassettes in question: Led Zep IV b/w Houses of the Holy (never bought them in high school, only the 45s off both albums; "an e.p.'s worth of toons!"(twice!) Solomon Gruberger bought Physical Grafitti wicked cheap when he visited Indiana University fall '75, but 50 cents for a double album; to quote Carl Biancucci in O. rextasy "that's a bargain!" Last tyme I lissen to this album was 1979 guarding the barracks in South Carolina; borrowed a Wisconsin Marine's 8-track AND tape! Well, I had to kill four hours of no Commies invading us and if I saw 1975 Viet Cong it'd be like 1955 Kamikazes....dude, the war is OVER (if you want it!) and I aint Lee Marvin! (Hell in the Pacific, 1968. (youtube?) during WWII, Japanese naval officer stranded remote Pacific island. Soon discovers a loudmouth American pilot who has crashed his plane.....the only Airplane I ever crashed was Jefferson, man.........)"....

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Montag 4 Nov 19. Lissen to my $3 Grooves records cassette copy of Janis Joplin Pearl, still as fantastic as when I bought the vinyl in '71. Excellent cassette liner notes listing what 45s were off the album! "Me and Bobby McGee" b/w "Half Moon" entered charts 30 Jan 71 (Ma had turnt 40!), so let's focus on "Half Moon". written by John Hall, yes he was in Orleans and I went to who sampled janis site (WhoSampled. Janis-Joplin) and "Half Moon" was sampled by Rumbledub for "God is in the House" but COVERED on a 1972 Fifth Dimenson album (!) and a 1973 Orleans album. "Cry baby" b/w "mercedez benz" entered charts 15 May 71. Mercedes Benz be sampled by DonGURALesko (2008) and "Mercedes Benz (The American Dream) by G-EASY (2011) (keepin' it real bro! as my pants fall down my ass....)....lastly,"get It while you can" b/w "Move Over" entered charts 11 Sept 71 (one month later, I still loved janis but hearing Iggy "Down on the Street"!!!)..."Move Over' was covered five tymes BUT I found a sixth from the Hungarian janis Joplin Soralta Zalatnay (her version on youtube and I follow her, still singing!). Here's the other covers chronologically (Draped Snoopy Bust coin in exact order!): Slade (1972), Jana Kratochvilova (1980) (VERY pretty! let's see how she sings....); NINA HAGEN (1989) (I saw her at the Channel with Xanna Dont and Lou Miami; we were audience members! need to check this!), then Phantom Blue (1997) and Beki Bondage (2000). Do i even HAVE a point? janis b-sides, covered and sampled, ALWAYS check out the b-side of the hit! Hey "califawnia gurls" und "kleiner suzi" by O. Rex got covered, not "My Head's in '73"!".....

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Remember....the Fifth Of November!"- Ken Ono Gizmo and it was a Club Linehan-ago-go practice for saturday 23 Nov 19, Geezer's garage Night Quincy Mass. (text 617-803-1289 i will text you "private party" address). As I walked in bassist Joe Quinn gave me a DVD of last CLAGG set (had it REALLY been since September? Cal Cali be workin' me like a dog; this is Elder ABUSE!). mj qUIRK HAD MANY a bad '70s song up his sleeve; he and Lady Caroline harmonised on "Baby dont get hooked on me" as I did a "Tuesday's Gone"/"cant you see" type solo (70s country-pop AM gold and southern rock not really that far apart!). aL HENDRY FILLIN' IN ON DRUMS so me him and John Keegan usually drift off into "Still Rainin still dreamin" space-jazz...tonight's victim Sonny and Cher's "the Beat Goes On"! (the E to D verse we repeated as I did Wes Montgomery octaves on guitar....or at least I THOUGHT so, high on cold medicine). (Wes Montgomery WAS from Indianapolis; we shoulda enlisted HIM to play on first Gizmos ep!. I croaked out "lemon song" after Q did "thank you" (yes Zep! country licks by me too!). I dont remember much but back to wednesday practice, on this day to HAIL WODIN!!!!"

Thursday, November 7, 2019

day of Thor 7 Nov 19 and WMBR fundraising kicked off at 0600 with Pontoon Palace. Couple-three cups of coffee, 0600 and it's Blue Oyster Cult's "Hot Rails to Hell"! covered by Johnny and the Jumper Cables. Back about '74, my high school radio class had this 45 b/w "seven screaming dizbusters" ("rails" and "dizbusters" closes out side one of second BOC lp),so me and "Jailbait Janet"'s boyfriend used to blunder the radio promos NOONE in Brockport NY woulda gave a shit about (BOC/NY Dolls etc). This was followed by "When it all Gets Old" off New! Improved! Blue Cheer which was the b-side of the 1969 "west Coast Child of Sunshine". I SHOULD tell Ken Kaiser that about '72,having met Circus penpal TOM TABER,on his record buying jaunts in his yellow Mustang with a black top,he did indeed find New! Improved! Blue Cheer, sold it to me for a dollar and thus: MORNING MANIAC MUSIC!! To end this trifecta, it's back to ALAN BAASE and Rock On! headquarters lissenin' to A Lad Insane and "Panic in detroit"! (BOC/Blue Cheer?BOwie..."MY head's in '73!!!!"). ok, Bowie geekage, and is online:>japan2 "13 april 73 "Time" b/w "panic in detroit" RCA 552299 Japan in picture sleeve".....well guess what ebayers: it says "MEGA RARE"! which isnt quite Hopelessly Obscure....still Blue Cheer and Bowie b-sides 0600 and coffee....and "'ow's your bird's lumbago?"....

Friday, November 8, 2019

day of thor 7 Nov 19, the jungle, Somerville mass. I went to see Roland Pearsall, whom I've seen busking in Davis Square, Somerville. He plays solo electric, a lot of rockabilly stylings. Also did some blue-eyed soul in the Eli "Paperboy" Reed stylings; basically, MY kind of music. We discussed music and his recent bride said "He's SO music obsessed!" Dont they have a support group for that? Roland, like I, (get a DNA test!) like Them and the Animals and the mysterioso organ (covered that in Thee Pysch-O-Daisies!). Finalest toon; "a Brenton Wood with a farfisa which you dont hear in an r&b song much"; "Oogum-Boogum-Oogum, indeed! Point of reference: Roland's blue-eyed soul leanings are concurrent to Eric Martin's soulful stylings. Roland did rest of set acoustic but bascially: this guy needs a band! he even played once with Judd Williams,lso he must be good! Next was Rogozo (like them on facebook!). 'art collective" and "experimental music makers." A brian Young clone on vocals and keyboards, rhythm section, guitar, but the "Shining Star" was a young lady on electric violin! So if you like Dream Theater/Mahavishnu/The Flock and/or first kansas album...then you dont read the Boston groupie news! (hahaha!) i still wager that Joel Simches (WMFO) and Alex Gitlin (Mad Painter) may have dig their proggy-ness; so did I!"......

Saturday, November 9, 2019

saturday 9 Nov 19 0700. couple cups of coffee in my SCI FI MARATHON (February!!!! davis Thee-ate-er, somerville!) coffee mug coz I's workin' "Six days a week". WMBR fundraising; linkage/on-line/"consolation prize" (Iggy's KILL CITY!) and "88 Re-Wind" is saturday 0600-0800. All the MALE RECORD COLLECTORS were there manning the comment! Usually they find a Top 40 survey and "what was Top of the Pops THIS week THIS Year" (Blowfish in 1978: "ok DATEMAN! when did THIS happen?" answer: "Wapner at 11!"). Today I guess they did half hour of '50s, half hour '80s?; I caught 6 November 74 CKOK Hamilton Ontario! Soft-rock fuckin HELL (future/Club Linehan-ago-go covers?), all "guilty pleasures" of Captain easychord (as asked by Stacy DC on Heavy Leather Topless!) (shameless plug: add link). I CAN tell you that me and "Sweet Lil 16" "Jailbait janet" "went down to the Barge Inn, to have a couple-a beers" and ON the jukebox when BACKSTREET wasnt covering "Cities on Flame with Ham and Weck" or "cant get enuff of your Trash Plate", Hudson Brothers "so you are a star" (youtube) WAS on this Brockport NY jukebox and I LIKED it! kinda Beatles-esque....#1 song that week in Hamilton was Bobby Vinton's "Melody of Love"! I need a fucken kielbasa...BRONWYN's! Union Square,Somerville! (link). The presenters were geeking out on Olivia Newton-John's "I Honestly Love You"; "some volunteer back when we were WTBS had wrote a sticker saying 8/74"; well the previous month, fucko, the Rockabilly Yobs (Kenneth Edward Flowers) has a show on WIUS,I.U. playing NY Dolls and brownsville Station. We got a request: "can y'all play "MY thang" by james brown"? didnt have it BUT come 1978, Bob Both, engineer on that James record was recording the Korps Hello World! (Ken Kaiser take note!). I actually took a GG shower but November 1964 (I's in a four-room schoolhouse covering "carry me back to ole virginny" each morn in manasass Virginia where ma's Union Army Quebecois uncle Frank Vahue (Francois Veilleux) had died about '62): British invasion on the charts! There was a Brenda Lee toon with Jimmy Page on guitar! Next up was "you really got me"! "Tell Her No" (Zombies minor chords!) #1! and Gulf of Tonkin happened August or so, so we wuz on "Eva Destruction" (didnt I see her at Jacque's?) but By God! The music got better! So pledge to WMBR ONLY coz WTBS DID play O. Rex! ("Solomon SPector's Spectre"! haunts me everyday...ok back to the Mountaineers game on WAJR, Morgan (Huke,WMFO) Town, west virginny!".......


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