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Monday, December 12, 2016

Friday 9 December was double Miss Lyn/Gee Julie birthday party at S&S deli; saturday the gizmo watched the Army-Navy football game at the Globe on Boylston street and due to it being wicked cold, hibernated. BUT Jimmy Jay WMEX played the Norman Petty produced 24 Jun 67 released "bottle of wine' by the Fireballs and dang! that fender/Holly sound...the same month as Sgt. pepper?!?! the disco show after played marvin and dianna's "my mistake" which I was diggin' at IU fall '75 with a proto-disco crew; NO Gizmos involved! WRKO, though, was REALLY rockin', lotsa great segues but all I can remember in "I can see for miles" which I believe I heard on Rochester radio when it came out and fucken Pete Townshend STILL a major influence on my sturm-und-drang power chords. Sunday noon or so, used the I-phone 5 and BBC5 kicks out the MC5 jams broadcasting soccer/football! damn good sports channel and Liverpool won at football, just like they did at music! More sports for KEN KAISER; Gee Julie's great-great-granddaddy owned a pub (still standing, though Ghanian owned now) in Woolwich, SE London; this was 1840 it was, BUT folks from that area are Arsenal fans. meet up place in boston: Lir, which is right next to the pour house, as I watched Pittsburgh clobber the Buffalo Bills...but GOONERS the arsenal fans are, so if you ever want to meet up with fellow Gooners, Lir is the place!"

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


"Sunday 11 march 16, Bills lost to Pittsburgh, game ended at Lir 4 pm, Gee Julie had gave me an old movie pass to the AMC, so "Common At Five", movie roulette was: JACKIE!! I shall rave on like I did to x-blank-x about the Bills game and this movie: a 1963 period piece that has hairdos and fashions perfect; Jackie O sinking her high heels in the mud to find the PERFECT eternal flame spot (which I visited in '64, only living in Manassas, virginny then). Jackie smokin' and drinkin'! Then she puts on a RECORD of Camelot on an old Victrola; shots of Arlington cemetery, I was there AGAIN before last Gizmos gig. I didn't realize she was such a Lincoln FREAK, but that's a GUD thang; "I wanna be like Jackie Onassis, oh yeah"! But thank God maybe Gee Julie can text as she was at x-blank-x soundcheck so I hauled ass on the MTA and DID return, walking into x-blank-x having supper, Shiny Beast at another table...what is this fucken Max's?! "I wanna be like Lisa Robinson, oh yeah" to quote bassist for EVERYBODY including Gizmos, Craig Willis Bell; "don't worry Kenne next week the Bills WILL defeat Cleveland, but" pointing to the Fab Four of x-blank-x "you might be big but you're still outnumbered"! Still, Bills doin' better than Browns; if Highland S. Thompson were alive he'd be discussing football with Tricky Dick! (who also is cuzzins to Alice Cooper)


...before I get like Meltzer versus Mach Bell "let the music do the talkin'"! (which is how Draw the Line open up their sets!) x-blank-x was a lot of Beefheart rhythms, some stooges "LA Blues" rhythms, some Lou Reed "heard her call my name" ostrich guitar by John D. Morton (PLUS he did the chainsaw/bamboo act; go to his Wikipedia, read about him, the man is an Aries and a genius!)...these guys were Gizmo-ing pre-Gizmos! (meaning high school Ken Highland, if he had Fast Tymes at Lakewood High woulda watched them with Miriam Linna or somethin' like that)...lastly, Craig Bell leaps offstage and mans the merch table, Ken and Gee Julie did Gizmonomics: the guest list versus a deal on Eeels and x-blank-x coffee mugs...and a great review too of course! Ride Amtrak! that's Craig Bell's pension at work! so he can return to Boston with his solo band! Gizmonomics! as your next president, I promise "two girls for every boy" and a "chicken for every queen"!".....

With the Saw XbankX

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

"I'd best mention this, subject of many long facebook Chetstock movie is moving forward but even better is the SOUNDTRACK ALBUM! "jailbait janet" and "best bette" were picked for toons, Dan Vitale, Bim-skla-bum asked for copyright info and that's Kenneth Highland, Gizmo Music BMI. well, I HOPE to get royalties...sadly COULDNT do a night at Portland, Maine bowling alley but Tontileo got to me first so glad everybody "stepped up to the plate", Viva la Chet etc. etc. and should also mention Cantab Friday 23 December has "the Hopelessly OBSCURED" and the Count's Love and Flame (Velvets covers) so if you REALLY cant get enuff Kenne Highland, chetstock movie/soundtrack;me oi'm 'appy coz I got an English premiere league soccer app on the I-phone 5/MC5. Let's make America Great Britain again...oi'm troin'...tea at Lir versus beer at Pour House back in the '80s"....

Friday, December 15, 2016

other than a 13 January 17 out of the blue gig the only real news is...(vulchur)...DEAD PEOPLE FACTS! been scouring the 1841 UK census, Thomas and Elizabeth highland (my great-great-greats) in Leysdown Kent, population 310. neighbor Henry Hilton; "baby you're a rich man"! He was vicar of Saint Clement church and THE VICARAGE is still at 210 leysdown road, kent, so I can actually visit where my ancestor was an agricultural labourer before he made his 1845 Brexit! I been researching all the neighbouring families but my vacation day yesterday I'm pretty well damn certain I nailed down the address. you can do a street view thang, so I'm like "wow, my ancestor threshed those fields"! and being Men of Kent, they ARE Arsenal fans, so Lir, here I come, hangin' with me Gooners five generations later! and "Bollocks to the Wellingtons!"....(Maybe you should follow Withnailizer on Twitter Kenne!-ed)

Bollocks to the Wellingtons

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