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June 6, 2022

Peter Prescott of Minibeast.
Photo by John Keegan

John Keegan’s group Crow Follow played in Providence’s AS 220 club on Friday with Minibeast and Time Is Fire. He did double duty by playing in the band and reviewing of the show. To see the photos and read the review click the photo link below.

Minibeast Keegan

The disappointment about the Channel Reunion show lingered through the week. On Monday Dan Zanes of the Del Fuegoes wrote a very long explanation on Facebook from his point of view. He puts the blame on Harry Booras the promoter of the show and former owner of the Channel. The story of the cancellation is mixed up with poor ticket sales and the insurance for the show.
One point is that if there were high ticket sales (there were only 365 tickets sold before hand) then the insurance problem would have gone is that??

Nervous Eaters

Booras wants the Del Fuegoes to play a make-up show. But the group doesn’t want to be burned again and they're out a lot of money setting up this show that was cancelled only the day before. To read Dan’s whole explanation go to his Facebook page

The Nervous Eaters were scheduled to play that Channel show too. They've had a high profile lately with a steady stream of shows. Now they're about to release a single from an upcoming album. That’s exciting news!! The single comes out on Friday June 24. Check out The Nervous Eaters Facebook page

Shocker of this week .... We didn’t see it coming at all! A Bunch of Jerks call it quits!!

There were few groups that were as active during the Covid shutdown, Jerks were one of them right from the very beginning. They did video shows from clubs and from their practice space, they kept the recordings coming. They played outside shows and more recently they played several club gigs. Their material was full of humor and stamped with Stabatha’s explosive delivery and they also did some dead on cover tunes. They improved every bill they were on.

A BUnch of JerksTheir announcement: “Sometimes even good things must come to an end. After 10 years of plugging away and keeping the plates spinning, A Bunch of Jerks is calling it quits. I’m super proud of everything we accomplished, the songs, the shows, and the videos. Huge thanks to Gamp who got the ball rolling, to Ethan and Chris who made it a full band, and to Alli, Mike, and Stabby who brought new energy when things were flagging. Thanks to Lou and Rum Bar Records for getting our music out to the world. Thanks to our collective significant others for encouragement and putting up with the time suck that a band brings. And thanks most of all to our small but scrappy group of fans, especially the Pervert Section.”

Upon their return from shows in London, The Chelsea Curve did their Boston Calling show and got some publicity out of it on top of actually playing. There’s an article from the WBUR website ... They got a live interview and played a song on the WGBH website ... They also have their video of "Nuthin' Goin' On" on the Dig magazine website Keep it goin' Curvies!!

Zome 3Brother Cleve will DJ Hilken Mancini's next Punk Rock Aerobics class at Zone 3 - this Tuesday 6/7 at 6:30pm.

Zone 3 is located at 267 Western Avenue, it's an interesting place. Right near the North Harvard Ave/Western Ave intersection. It’s run by Harvard: “Since 2015, the Zone 3 initiative has transformed a cluster of formerly under-utilized spaces along Western Ave in Allston into a vibrant hub of creativity and active space for community engagement. These efforts continue through a range of on-going programs, events, retail pop-ups, and impactful public art installations.” In that space is Aeronaut Brewery and the PRX Podcast Garage. Their web page

This sounds like a pretty cool brunch idea coming up on Sunday JUne 12th - Charming Disaster is a goth-folk musical duo based in Brooklyn, NY, inspired by the macabre humor of Edward Gorey and Tim Burton, the murder ballads of the Americana tradition, and the dramatic flair of the cabaret are doing a tour and will be at The Burren at Noon. They write songs that tell stories about death, crime, myth, magic, folklore, science, and the occult. Their album, the Marie Curie-inspired Our Lady of Radium, was release on vinyl, CD, and all digital platforms on March 4, 2022.

Carmelita Carmelita of Bay State Rock sent out a warning. She posted on Facebook : “Our numbers are down on the last podcast. There are a number of reasons for this. Not getting into it, but not sure if it’s worth my time & commitment to continue.” Bay State Rock went from once a week to every other week a few months ago. The Covid shutdown was having an effect on the amount of music coming out. With the show's move from the air waves to the podcast, we thought that the lifespan would be lengthened.

Bay State Rock has been a standby for so long, it wouldn’t feel right not having it around. We know the show takes a lot of ‘time and commitment’ and we will respect whatever Carmelita decides to do. Carmelita’s Facebook page ... Bay State Rock page

In YOur EarIn Your Ear on Comm Ave will soon go bye bye. That's sad!!!That's no more In Your Ear stores in Massachusetts!! It’s the usual story of a rent increase and a commitment of a very long lease. Reed Lapin and co-owners are saying “no.” In Your Ear still will have its two stores in Warren, RI. A nice day trip by the way. In Your Ear Facebook page

Simone and David from Kid Gulliver are finally out of Spain! They had to stay for two weeks after their short tour ended waiting for a a negative Covid test for Simone. She finally got one on Saturday. They got a plane reservation and landed in Boston Sunday afternoon. Welcome home you guys!!

It's getting closer!!! ManRay's new location opening in Central Square will happen soon. You can RSVP online to attend the opening night…which is still to be determined. RSVP here!!

Ralph FatelloRalph Fatello of the Vinny Band/The Nor’easters has a lot of talents beside playing guitar and singing. He is a true Renaissance man!! He’s also a painter, photographer, videographer and graphic artist. (He designed our BGN button logo!!) His subject matter is most often the ocean and surfing, which he documents on his website.

Ralphs photography and paintings are on exhibit at the Lane Memorial Library in the Weston Gallery located at 2 Academy Ave in Hampton, NH. The exhibit runs until June 30th, 2022! Exhibit info page Check this site, there is a lot of info about Ralph there!! Lane Memorial Library website

Q Division has been in the middle of a move for the last year. They're getting closer to completion with new floors in the space. You can view the studio on their website

The legendary Creem Magazine is coming back!! That magazine (along with Rock Scene) helped keep punks informed back in the late 70's and 80's!! They'll have a web zine and do a print version several times a year. Check out their website where you can get subscription info…$5 a month for digital, $79 a year for print and digital copies. They also have the digital version of the old issues in there….all 224…for free.


You may not have known it but the BGN's Miss Lyn has severe hearing loss (gee, maybe from standing up front near giant Marshall stacks for years!?) So we thought we'd share that deaf people do ‘listen’ to loud music. At the least they feel the vibrations from the beat. Here’s a video of some American Sign Language (ASL) prompts at some heavy metal shows.

One of the most well known interpreters is Amber Galloway Gallego - she has tons of songs on video on her You Tube Channel.

To get an idea of how to sign a song, here’s a closer look at someone signing the Walk the Moon song “Shut Up (and Dance With Me)"


Ron on Monday’s Late Risers Club played a new group from Liverpool (that phrase sounds familiar) called The Mysterines. The song “Life Is A Bitch (But I Like It So Much)” has lots of old influences but somehow sounds modern too. Here it is on YouTube And that was before he played the whole set from Jesus Lizard when they played ManRay on 11/27/1990. It was played on WMBR’s Pipeline soon after the show.

David YowRon makes the point that David Yow was drunk, and he was drunk when we saw him in 2019 as the singer for Flipper. His name is often brought up as one of the best front men in punk.

We agree with Ron, this is a awesome recording. Hear it on the WMBR archive page and pick the Monday 5/30 show.

On his show on Monday 6/6 he'll have an on air interview with the Darts who are playing the Middle East on Thursday.


Blowing Smoke with Twisted Rico interviews Nicole Laurenne from The Darts this week . They get around! Steeve worked with Nicole when she was in Love Me Nots. Nicole tells the story of Jello Biafra working with The Darts. Nicole also toured with the Damned.

Al Quint has lots of songs about war on Sonic Overload’s Memorial Day show. We always like the old punk set Al throws in. This week it was Sex Pistols, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Nina Hagen Band and 999.

You can listen to the show here The shows are archived here


Tiger Bomb Field Day Venomous Pink

Tiger Bomb have loyal fans around New England for their garage rock and they are going to love the new album of 15 original songs!!

Right now they have two available to hear on Bandcamp. “Tell Me More” is written by Chris Horne. “Rave On Again” is written by Lynda Mandolyn. One rocks and the other is sweet, both are quality songs.

Field Day released a digital single a few weeks ago: It's “Complicated” as the A side but we like “Dandelion”. It’s a low key comfortable groove. It has a sixties psych feel with jazz elements. It’s something an adventurous sixties rock group would do – throwing in some minor seventh chords to give some sophistication to the song.

We came across The Venomous Pinks from Arizona and got hooked on their banging punk. The songs, “No Rules” and “Apothecary Ailment” were powerful and catchy. Now they have a whole album of similar material.

All the songs are full of meaning and the group plays like it’s real important to get that across.

We like so many of these songs. Among them “Mercy”, “I Really Don’t Care”, “Broken Hearts Club” and “Hold On” but we are going to pick “We Can Do It Better” as our fave and put it on our Top Ten Songs too.

Screeching Weasel UK SUbs

Screeching Weasel started in 1986 in Chicago. They split and reformed a half a dozen times issuing 12 albums along the way. And here comes another! The Awful Disclosures of Screeching Weasel will be released next month.

They've got one song pre-released on Bandcamp now and it’s a pure pop punk joy to listen to. “Any Minute Now” is a bouncy tune about a suicide pact, that’s what it seems to us. A choice tune.

The UK Subs have been around four decades and have 22 albums. They've announced that their next album Reverse Engineering will be their last. They released one track off it already called “Sensei

The next single is titled “Kill Me.” That harkens back to Richard Hell’s t-shirt. Like “Sensie” it clocks in less than two minutes.

All bands should sound this good after 40 years. It’s amazing really.

Here's some good shows coming up ..... **NOTE** double check with the clubs before going - many shows are getting canceled or postponed these days.

Punk Rock Aerobics June 7, 2022 (Tuesday) Punk Rock Aerobics at Zone 3 in Allston. WTBS and BCN Brother Cleve DJ's this class!!

June 9, 2022 (Thursday) WMBR's Late Risers Club Turns 45, WMBR turns 60!! Celebrate with The Darts and Loretta at The Middle East Up.

June 9, 2022 (Thursday) Unit One, North by North (CHI), Black Helicopter, The Jacklights at O’Brien’s. FB page

June 10, 2022 (Friday) New Alliance Gallery Presents: Reopening Party! Music by Mosaic Mirrors, This Bliss, Liz Bills & The Change featuring New Alliance artists: Alvan Long, Ivonne Blanco, Michael Crockett, Duncan Wilder Johnson, Trevor Toscano, William Frese, Bob Shane, Charlie Warren, Barbara Jo. Starts at 7PM/Music at 8PM. FB page

June 10, 2022 (Friday) Big Lonesome, Glowbox, Neon Cowboy at the Square Root

June 10, 2022 (Friday) Rigometrics, Key of Caustic, Orbiter @ O'Briens

June 10, 2022 (Friday) Dying Scene: The Resurrection! Dying Scene is celebrating the resurrection of their website with Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One, Stereo Vulture, Acoustic set by Kevin Stevenson of The Shods, D-Tension’s Secret Rock And Roll Band, DNZL at Thirsty First in Lowell. This is the last DNZL show for a while since they are 'taking a break'. and we hope it's JUST a break. Mel make sure to come back!!


June 11, 2022 (Saturday) SomerPride! from ONCE at Boynton Yards starts at Noon and goes all day and into the night with Matt Heaton @ 12:00 PM with a set for kids then Crow Follow, Lady Ro, Sweet Petunia, Phantom Ocean, Muzzins, Redd Haring, Brandie Blaze, Cakeswagg, DJ WhySham and end the night with Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys. Tix and vendor info etc here.

June 11, 2022 (Saturday) U-EY at the BUOY, State of the Union, Mercury On Mars, MFB (punk from Athol, MA) at The Midway for a Matinee at 3PM. FB page.

June 11, 2022 (Saturday) Brix'n'Mortar The Blue Bloods. Nothing But Enemies. The Promised Endare at The Jungle

June 11, 2022 (Saturday) Kid Gulliver & The Chelsea Curve at The Plough & Stars - FB page

June 11, 2022 (Saturday) Rocket Gods, Headwrecker, The Woods and Worm at Pinz in Hanover in the South Shore Facebook event page

June 11, 2022 (Saturday) The Only Things, The Agonizers, The Brand New Luddites at Thirsty First in Lowell

June 11, 2022 (Saturday) Screamin' Rebel Angels, Diablogato, Lonely Leesa & The Lost Cowboys at Opus Underground in Salem

Dying Scene June 11, 2022 (Saturday) Murphy's Law, Lenny Lashley, Cinderblock at The Vault Music Hall & Pub in New Bedford. FB page.

June 12, 2022 (Sunday) The Brand New Luddites, Jay Allen & The Archcriminals, RoadSoldier, Completely Destroyed - at The Midway Matinee Show 3-7PM FB page.

June 12, 2022 (Sunday) Linnea's Garden, Tiffy, Girl with a Hawk at The Parlour in Providence, RI. FB page.

June 12, 2022 (Sunday) Goth duo Charming Disaster do brunch at The Burren at 12 Noon. Their FB page and more info and tickets.

June 13, 2022 (MOnday) Torn In Half, Bed of Razors, Death Strider at Charlie's Kitchen

June 14, 2022 (Tuesday) Punk Rock Aerobics at Zone 3 in Allston.

June 14, 2022 (Tuesday) Big Loser (indie rock from Austin, TX), Really Great, Allison & Moon at Faces in Malden Center. FB page.

June 15, 2022 (Wednesday) Jonathan Richman at 3S Artspace in Portsmouth NH. FB page for info.

June 16, 2022 (Thursday) Miracle Blood, Ghost Planet, Sapling, Baabes at O'Brien's

June 17, 2022 (Frirday) Rawstrum, Wicked Dead, The Winter Project at The Jungle

KLYAMJune 18, 2022 (Saturday) Kids Like Me & You (KLYAM) Spring & Summer Program at Kenney Park in Davis Square. Line up to be announced.

June 18, 2022 (Saturday) 40 Years of The Queers Anniversary show also with The Dwarves, The Jasons, Stubborn Hearts at Sonia. TIX

June 18, 2022 (Saturday) Beeef, Dutch Tulips, Tatooine Punk Scene at Faces in Malden

June 18, 2022 (Saturday) Back Porch Carousel goes live at Sally O'Brien's 6:30-9PM.

June 18, 2022 (Saturday) THE ZULUS are back at The Paradise - tix here.

June 18, 2022 (Saturday) The Chelsea Curve, Muck and The Mires & DJ Sherman, Free outdoor show! at Tuscan Village, Salem NH FB page.

June 19, 2022 (Sunday) Randall Gibson Memorial at The French Club in Waltham. Bands: Martin Morell and Fredette and friends. Stephen Fredette and Mac Stanfield. The Stigmatics, Girl with a Hawk, Jay Parham and Nathaniel Freedberg ,and Hummingbird Syndicate - 2-9PM. FB page.

June 19, 2022 (Sunday) A Band Called E and Dyr Fazer for an early show at The Jungle. 5-8PM

June 19, 2022 (Sunday) The Mahones, The Pourmen, The Gobshites at Askew in Provi, RI. FB page

JungleJune 20, 2022 (Monday) Gretchen Shae & The Middle Eight, Motel Black, Paper Tigers at Charlie's Kitchen

June 21, 2022 (Tuesday) Punk Rock Aerobics at Zone 3 in Allston.

June 23, 2022 (Thursday) Oh The Humanity, Sky Tigers, Coffin Salesman at Notch Brewery Brighton - Shows start at 7pm. Free admission!! FB page.

June 24, 2022 (Friday)Maverick @ the BPL - Concerts in the Courtyard FB page. starts at Noon-thirty folks!!

June 24, 2022 (Friday) The Chelsea Curve, The Shang Hi Los do a matinee show at The Jungle

June 24, 2022 (Friday) Concert for Ukraine with Cold Expectations, Tsunami of Sound, Holy Smoke and "Special Secret TBA" and DJ Kristen Eck at The Magic Room in Norwood ... TIX Magic Room FB page

June 24, 2022 (Friday) Gene Dante & The Future Starlets, Kenne Highland's Air Force, Tiger Bomb at Gino's in Portland. FB page.

Chelsea CurveJune 25, 2022 (Saturday) Once is putting on The Somerville Solstice on June 25th with vendors and a steady stream of music starting at noon with early sets for kids. Groups are Genie Santiago, Tigerman Woah, Black Helicopter, Grace Givertz, Assasi, Borboleta, Nectarine Girl, The Dripp. Link to tix and more info here.

June 25, 2022 (Saturday) Concert for Ukraine with Smitt E Smitty & The Feztones, Gene Dante & The Future Starlets, Baabes, Modern Day Idols, Lonely Leesa & The Lost Cowboys and DJ Chachi The Magic Room in Norwood TIX Magic Room FB Page

June 25, 2022 (Saturday) Show in Honor of Jess Victor - White Dynomite, Muck and the Mires, Stop Calling Me Frank, Piranha Brothers, Screw Cart at The Middle East Up TIX and FB page.

June 25, 2022 (Saturday) Rockin’ Dune Tunes will happen White Crest Beach in Wellfleet with Atlantic Thrills, Shiny Beasts, Daughter of the Vine, Andy California, Crow Follow, Red Sand Hill, The Angry Debutantes and Tsunami of Sound. Here is the FB page.

June 25, 2022 (Saturday) Minibeast, Trinary System, Department of Teleportation at Dusk, Providence, RI

June 26, 2022 (Sunday) Sunday brunch with Henry McIntyre, Suspicious Minds , Men & Volts at The Jungle 11 AM – 2 PM

Flea MarketJune 26, 2022 (Sunday) Brix'N'Mortar, Pint Killers, Outsiders Punkabilly Rebels, Warthog at Thirsty First in Lowell.

June 27, 2022 (Monday) Kids Like Me & You (KLYAM): Spring & Summer Program with Rong, Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Pledge Pins at Charlie's Kitchen 9PM show.

June 28, 2022 (Tuesday) Punk Rock Aerobics at Zone 3 in Allston.

June 28, 2022 (Tuesday) Supercrush, Somerset Thrower, Bad Larrys at Faces in Malden FB page.

July 1, 2022 (Friday) The Prozacs, The Lousekateers, Lürking Class (NY), The Agonizers, Marko Bruiser at Ralph's Rock Diner

July 2, 2022 (Saturday) The New Frustrations, Kermit's Finger, The Imposers, The Grommets - matinee shows 3-7PM at The Midway

July 2, 2022 (Saturday) Hixx, Celseigh, The Stigmatics, Marianne Toilet and the Runs at The Midway

July 9, 2022 (Saturday) Minibeast, Kid Gulliver at The Jungle

July 15, 2022 (Friday) Nervous Eaters Single Release with Robin Lane & Linnea's Garden at Brighton Music Hall FB page

Linnea's Garden July 17, 2022 (Sunday) The Dollyrots, Don't Panic at Sonia 7PM

July 21, 2022 (Thursday) Skybar Rising & Rum Bar Records presents Summer Sizzler @ The Square Root with The Hi-End, The Dents, Carissa Johnson starting at 8PM.

July 22, 2022 (Friday) Brix'N'Mortar at Ralph's Diner , Worcester.

July 30, 2022 (Saturday) Tiber Bomb is at The Square Root

July 30, 2022 (Saturday) Plymouth Punk Rock Flea Market at The Mayflower Brewing Co. 12-5PM FB page

August 3, 2022 (Wednesday)  Jasmyn, Linnea's Garden, Junior Classics, Daphne Blue Underworldat O'Brien's

August 6, 2022 (Saturday) The Very, Crow Follow, and Home Despot at The Square Root

August 27, 2022 (Saturday) The Fleshtones, GLiDER, & Tiger Bomb w/ Emcee DJ Brian Young - The Magic Room - FB page.

August 27, 2022 (Saturday) Kids Like Me & You (KLYAM) Spring & Summer Program at Morse-Kelley Playground a couple blocks from the Armory. line up to be announced.

August 27, 2022 (Saturday) The Worst, Typhoid Rosie, Marianne Toilet and The Runs, Breaking Up at The Middle East Up.

BaabesSeptember 2, 2022 (Friday) The Woggles with Muck and Mires & The Chelsea Curve at The Porch in Medford

September 4, 2022 (Sunday) Somerville Rock + Roll Yard Sale in Union Square Somerville. FB page for updates!

September 7, 2022 (Wednesday) Kids Like Me & You (KLYAM) Spring & Summer Program with Leopardo from Switzerland at O'Brien's

September 8, 2022 (Thursday) D.R.I at Alchemy in Provi, RI - FB page.

September 10, 2022 (Saturday) Key of Caustic at The Flying Embers Tap Room (152 Hampden St, Boston, MA 02119)

September 17, 2022 (Saturday) Kids Like Me & You (KLYAM) Spring & Summer Program at Lincoln Park Somerville (near Union Square) more info to come.

September 17, 2022 (Saturday) Punks For Pets with Joy Boys, Sleep Mode, Sourpunch, Musclecah, Ghost Grrrl, The Debutantes, The Something Somethin’s, The Stigmatics - at The News Cafe - early show starting at 1PM. Bring something for the doggos and kittehs check the Donation List on the FB page.

September 23, 2022 (Friday) Soulside, Verbal Assault, Bedmaker, Wrong War at Once at The Armory - 6PM!! . Tix and info

October 5, 2022 (Wednesday) Dr. John Cooper Clarke at City Winery

Rostrum October 9, 2022 (Sunday) L7: Bricks Are Heavy 30th Anniversary at Big Night Live FB page.

October 11, 2022 (Tuesday) Agent Orange and Gnarnia at Alchemy in Provi, RI FB page.

October 15, 2022 (Saturday) Third Annual Punktoberfest at Thirsty First in Lowell...check the FB page for updates, bands etc.

November 5, 2022 (Saturday) The Mahones, The Pourmen, The Gobshites at Askew in Provi.

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