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September 13, 2021


Good news! Joe Count Viglione posted on Facebook, and the Club Bohemia blog, that the Club Bohemia will be coming back with the Cantab soon!! Then we get word from Mickey Bliss that the reopening should be October to early November!!

Want List Records

It has turned out to be a long haul, longer than we could have imagined. Welcome Back Club Boho!!

By now record stores were supposed to be like blacksmith shops – gone forever. The unexpected happened and vinyl came roaring back. More vinyl records were sold in 2020 than CDs.

And now there's Want List Records, a new all vinyl record store opening on Friday, September 17 in the Mall at Echo Bridge in 381 Elliot Street in Newton Upper Falls. Hours are Fri/Sat 11 to 7pm and Sun 12 to 6pm. Here they are on Instagram and Facebook.

Photographer Michael Grecco was doing publicity for his book Photo book Greecco Punk Post Punk and New Wave 1977 – 1989 about a year ago. A lot of the photos are from Boston clubs. Right now he has an exhibit in London and there's an article in the Daily Mail about the book. It’s worth checking out (and killing the pop up ads) because there are a lot of photos in this piece. There’s also a video of Michael telling a few stories. He wasn’t just a photographer but he was living the drugged up rock lifestyle to go with it. Like this awesome quote: "'You slept with someone new every night, you were always doing drugs, you were always drinking too much,' he said, while summing up his time as a punk rock 'chronicler and a participant'" - those were the days!! Brings back fond memories!! Check it out here.

Norton Records are selling what they call “hip pocket discs”: a CD just in a cardboard sleeve (a la Rum Bar) rather than a jewel case. Why? Because vinyl releases are taking a long time to press because of the vinyl resurgence! They have two Real Kids albums in this batch…Better Be Good and Real Kids (looks like the first LP under new cover). You can get them at Norton.

Norton Real Kids


The Globe has a article on Joshua Clover's book Roadrunner. read that here. Clover will be reading from the book in a virtual event on Sept. 16, part of Joyce Linehan’s ongoing book series.

Kids Like Me and You Kids Like You & Me's first show since the pandemic is Saturday Sept 18: Somerville Underground Pop Arts & Performance Showcase has Margaret Garrett (from Mr. Airplane Man), Piniclunch (New Bedford noise rockers), Thighs, Sidebody, PCP & the Knives (punk from Salem) and the notorious Johnnie and the Foodmasters. It’s outside at Lincoln Park, 290 Washington St, Somerville. It starts at 12:30 pm. More in Gig Listings

Guided by Voices postponed their Sept 11 show at The Royale this last week late in the game. It's re-scheduled for Jan 15, 2022. The GBV website

The Somerville Armory story goes on. A lot of things are unsure but one thing is true – Somerville took over the building in June. Thus the Slaters’ have lost ownership. Now, the problem is that the current artists think they are going to get shut out. At the least, they are unsure. They had a fundraiser on Sept 11 for the artists. Where? At the Armory of course! Here’s an article in the Herald, there may be a paywall.


Chelsea Curve

The Chelsea Curve have video for their song “Inconceavable”. It’s a satisfying take on the lyrics and a great way of hearing the song again. The BGN is very proud that John Keegan’s photos are featured in the vid. Check it out here!!


Blowing Smoke With Twisted Rico interviews Ken Cmar of Wonderdrug Records. Ken went to Berkeley to learn to be an engineer. He talked about starting a record label. Wonderdrug started as Summit Records. His first record by Stompbox he sold by carrying them to stores and getting them on consignment. Some bands he signed were: Honkeyball, 6L6, Seka and Chucklehead. He worked with Sissorfight, Tree and Sam Black Church.

An interesting topic was the effect of Napster on his, and everyone’s, record labels. Almost overnight the sales went down the tubes. He eventually moved into digital distribution and is still involved with that.

Later he was the bass player of Hey Zeus, which seems to have disbanded.

This week Above the Basement talks to Linnea Herzog of Linnea’s Garden. It was revealed that Linnea has a background in classical music, which is something we never suspected. You get an appreciation of how Red on Red Records was inspiring and facilitating during the pandemic shutdown.

She also writes songs on the bass, which is a switch. Her discipline is to write at least a half hour a day. Linnea’s Garden has a new album coming out with 13 new songs. Linnea’s says the album will sound heavier than the EP Sometimes Saturday Night.

The podcast ends with a few live songs from Linnea’s Garden Sinclair gig.

CD's / MUSIC.........

Cromm Fallon Gene Dante

This week after a teaser or two Rum Bar released the Cromm Fallon album. This is a varied and interesting affair. It has the raw punky material we had a glimpse of but then it has much more. There are some bouncy popish songs, a blues rock number and some quiet and calming spots. Overall it has a garage feeling to it.

It requires some repeated listening to hear everything that’s going on here. Cromm is a songwriter that has a lot to say. We like all of it. We suggest you give this album some time.

Gene Dante and the Future Starlets release their third pre-album song called L.I.E. (Do You Wanna). The song begins sounding like a low-fi turntable playing but that’s a lie coz it soon cranks up to the usual full band sound. You are soon in the Gene Dante world of emotional game playing. The thing with Gene is that we are all “only a bit player in the movie of his life”. That line says a lot.

Right now it’s on Spotify.

Tuttle does Rogers Tuttle plays Tuttle

Perpetual Doom Records has released Happy Birthday, Kenny: A Tribute to Kenny Rogers. Local Doug Tuttle got to cover “Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Is In)”. What a job he does, it’s a virtual recreation!

Doug also has a new single out on Bandcamp. One of the songs “Parting Gifts” can be streamed on the page. It’s a measured and thoughtful tune that comes off as healing.

Here's some good shows coming up .....

Speedy Ortez September 16 (Thursday) Richie Parsons at The Midway - 8:00- 9:15PM.

September 16 (Thursday) Bob Mould is at the Paradise - Tickets here

September 17 (Friday) Speedy Ortiz, Billy Dean Thomas, Squitch at Once Boynton Yards. 7PM music. Tix here.

September 17 (Friday) The Dents, Duck and Cover, Fullmoon Vagrants, Deprogrammer Cult at The Jungle FB page

September 18 (Saturday) Kids Like You & Me's Somerville Underground Pop Arts & Performance Showcase has Margaret Garrett (from Mr. Airplane Man), Piniclunch (New Bedford noise rockers), Thighs, Sidebody, PCP & the Knives (punk from Salem) and the notorious Johnnie and the Foodmasters. It’s outside at Lincoln Park, 290 Washington St, Somerville. It starts at 12:30 pm. Facebook page for more info

September 18 (Saturday) Martin, Morell, Fredette with guests Field Day and Randy Black at The Midway. These are early shows - 3-7PM

September 18 (Saturday) Michael Kane & The Morning Afters, When Particles Collide, Adi Sun, Senseless Optimism at Once @ Boynton Yards...doors 6- music at 7PM....TIX here.

Rock show poster September 18 (Saturday) Punk On The Patio at Ralph's Rock Diner! Rockin Bob Punk Band and Scotty Saints and the True Believers, Trash Muppets, Kermit's Finger at 8PM

September 19 (Sunday) STORE 54 POP UP another moving event - 9 AM EDT – 6 PM - FB page He'll be selling stuff - like Miss Lyn's artwork!!

September 19 (Sunday) Juliana Hatfield, Stars Like Ours, Charmed & Strange at Once @ Boynton Yards. Music starts at 7PM. Info/Tix here.

September 19 (Sunday) It's the return of Tubefest -New England Surf/Instro Showcase! Lots of surf and instrumental bands for your enjoyment! Tubefest Facebook page. This will be a matinee show - 3 to 7:30pm at the Midway. Groups are Tsunami of Sound, The Weisstronauts, Max Heaton and the Electric Heaters, The Malfunctions and the Tarantinos (good name) from NYC.

September 23 (Thursday) Black Souls at the Plough, Cambridge, MA, 10p

September 24 (Friday) Reagan Youth along with Rockin Bob Punk Band, Fat Chance, Neighborhood Shit, Sorry Mom at Sammy's Patio in Revere FB page.

September 24 (Friday)  Diabolgato, Salem Wolves, The Evil Streaks at Koto. As per order of the City Of Salem , masks must be worn regardless, and that includes the bands onstage.

Fluffanutter gig show September 25 (Saturday) Fluffapalooza at Once Somerville @ Boynton Yards - It's Fluff Fest's 16th Anniversary!! The Macrotones, Flying Vipers , Blindspot , The Shirts & Shoes , Minibeast, Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band, Tory Silver, Black Helicopter, Girl With a Hawk, SOR Watertown House Band. Music starts at 1PM. Tix here.

September 25 (Saturday) Roslindale Porchfest special: Guilloteenagers, Hambone Skinny, Ski Bunny starting at 1:30PM on Malverna Rd Rozzie. FB page for map and times.

September 25 (Saturday) Stop Calling Me Frank, The Hi-End, The Idolizers, The Shang Hi-Lo's at The Midway

September 25 (Saturday) The Royal Arctic Institute, Clamb, Home Despot, Sapling at The Jungle

September 30 (Thursday) Nervous Eaters/Barrence Whitfield/Willie Loco and the Boom Boom Band/Carissa Johnson at the Paradise . Get Tickets Here!

September 30 (Thursday) Shiny Beasts, Martin Morell & Fredette at Notch Brewing with Sara and Joanie Lindstrom as DJ . 525 Western Ave, Brighton.

October 1 (Friday) Sam Black Church, Stomp Box, Only Living Witness at the Paradise (a benefit for Julie Duffy) FB page with Tix link.

October 1 (Friday) Linnea's Garden, Gene Dante and the Future Starlets, State of the Union at Koto in Salem FB page.

OH the Humanity October 2 (Saturday) Oh the Humanity! record release show at O'Brien's

October 2 (Saturday) Lyres, Classic Ruins, The Modifiers at the Middle East Up. FB event page Tix here.

October 2 (Saturday) Cape Cod Punk Rock Showcase featuring Dead Low, Neighborhood Shit, Cry Havoc, Working Poor USA, Worm at the Brewster VFW 989 Freemans Way. Starts at 6PMFacebook event page

October 3 (Sunday) Thalia Zedek, Andrew Cohen, Honey Radar at O'Brien's Pub

October 4 (Monday)Gary Numan at the Paradise Tickets

October 5 (Tuesday)The Chops, Weatherworn, Louzy, Key of Caustic at The Midway

October 8 (Friday) Hardcore Stadium presents No Pressure, Koyo, Fleshwater, JINX, Crescent Ridge at the Middle East Up. All Ages.

October 9 (Saturday) Little Billy Lost, Peppermint Kicks at The Square Root FB page

October 9 (Saturday) Stubborn Hearts CD release party at News Café with The War in Kids and They Them Femme.

October 9 (Saturday) NE Ska Summit doc w/ The Copacetics and Riki Rocksteady at the Regent Theater Arlington FB page

Fu gig October 10 (Sunday) Scurvy Dog Parking Lot Mega Show III with Hope Anchor (9:30 pm), Kepi Ghoulie (8:45 pm), the Worried (8:00 pm), the Hammer Party (7:15 pm), Disfellowshipped (6:30 pm), Black Sorcery (5:45 pm), Anxious Wave (5:00 pm), the Hi-End (4:15 pm), the Smoke Breaks (3:30 pm), Moodrunners (2:45 pm), Brown Apples (2:00 pm). WOW 13 hours of music!! FB page.

October 14 (Thursday) Ministry at the House of Blues. Tickets

October 15 (Friday) Tsunami of Sound, Jonee Earthquake Band, Doug Macdonald Band, Kenne Highland's Airforce, The Thigh Scrapers at Pete's Grille Quincy. FB page

October 16 (Saturday) Magic Room in Norwood presents Smitt E. Smitty & The Feztones and Gene Dante & The Future Starlets FB page

October 18 (Sunday) Martin, Morell, Fredette are having a residency at The Midway - 3-7PM

October 22 (Friday) Brad Marino, Geoff Palmer and Kurt Baker playing 2 sets of hits from all their bands with The Dents in the middle. At The Square Root.

October 24 (Sunday) Nervous Dater, Good Looking Friends, Tatoonie Punk Scene, Stubborn Hearts at O'Brien's in Allston

Lyres October 31 (Sunday) Dropkick Murphys At Hogan's Run again Tessie costume wins a free drinks bracelet for the night. FB page.

November 5 (Friday) Shake The Faith (reunion gig) with Little Billy Lost at The Magic Room in Norwood. FB page. Here's a vid of Shake The Faith at the Channel 1989

November 5 (Friday) The Guns of Brighton return to the Breakaway in Danvers FB page here.

November 13 (Saturday) Field Day (x-Dag Nasty), Moving Targets, Lenny Lashley's Gang of One at the Middle East Up TIX!!

November 13 (Saturday) Tsunami of Sound, U-ey at the Buoy at The Square Root

November 19 (Friday) Hardcore Stadium and Grayskull Booking Presents: Slapshot - Celebrating 35 Years of Hardcore Day 1- Stars & Stripes, Noi!se, COA, Patriot, Violent Way at Sonia - (already sold out!!)

November 19 (Friday) Joan Jet & the Blackhearts will be at the Chevalier Theatre in Medford Square. Tickets.

November 19 (Friday) Letters to Cleo are at the Paradise. Tickets here

November 20 (Saturday) Lurid Purple Flower, Verdegree, Motel Black, Shrink Ray at The Jungle

Stubborn HEarts November 20 (Saturday) Hardcore Stadium and Grayskull Booking Presents: Slapshot - Celebrating 35 Years of Hardcore Day 2 -Slapshot, Sheer Terror, Death Before Dishonor, Pummel, Count Time - at The Middle East Down. (already sold out!!)

November 27 (Saturday) Jason Bennett & the Resistance, The Damaged, The Hagglers, & Chris Skel at The Middle East

November 27 (Saturday) Dinosaur Jr. at the House of Blues on Saturday Nov 27. Tix

November 30 (Tuesday) The Labor Pains, Disqualifier, Tensor, Bad Sandy, The Lost Boys at The Midway. FB page

March 13, 2022 (Tuesday) Reigning Sound at the Sinclair Tickets:

April 22, 2022 (Thursday) Circle Jerks at the Paradise

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Nervous Eaters
Punk show


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