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October 18, 2021

Club Bohemia is coming back

Club BOHO The Club Bohemia opening has moved from November 28 to Friday December 3. We get this from an email from Joe V and their flyer in the mail! The owners have been fixing up and have found more to do (ha! no surprise there!). There will be all new bathrooms!!!! The first show? 12/3 - Planet Mercury, Super Pink and Chris Walton. Saturday 12/4 - Hunter, Melt, Faith and GingerIbex. 12/11 Sidebody and 12/17 Kids Like You & Me Christmas Special featuring Johnnie & The Foodmasters.

Weakened Friends will have a two day album release show at O’Brien’s on Friday and Saturday November 19 and 20 for their new disc Quitter. . More info and links in the Gig Listings.

Want List We mentioned Want List Record a while back but didn’t know then that Brian Coleman of the Buy Me Boston books was a co-owner. Brian knows a lot about music in general and he knows how to find interesting things which makes him a natural for a record store owner. Want List is in the Mall at Echo Bridge in 381 Elliot Street in Newton Upper Falls. Hours are Fri/Sat 11 to 7pm and Sun 12 to 6pm.

The Velvet Underground documentary is playing at the Kendal Square Cinema now and until Thursday (10/21). Tickets and times here. Kenne Highland is going to see it on Tuesday (it's the Kendall's $7 Tuesdays deal).


Shots in the Dark with David Godlis is a new short film focusing on Godlis, known for his photos of the burgeoning NYC punk scene from 1976 to 1980. In this 7 minute piece he tells of his time at CBGB’s.

Zoom In

This week we get the second chapter of Tommy White’s Zoom Lost and Found Part Two - The Birth of ZOOM and the TV Cowboy, documentary series. This week we see the very beginnings of Zoom’s formation and it includes Rex Trailer!


Blowing Smoke With Twisted Rico has two members of Slap Shot in the studio. Mark McKay and Steven Risteen talk about the "Slap Not" show coming up at the Middle East on Sunday Nov 21. It's a karaoke version of the band Slapshot, with more than a dozen former members of Slap Shot reunite, but none of them can sing. . The guys play, you sing! They will have some guest singers including Hilken Mancini (that girl never stops!!). All proceeds benefit a super worthy cause Punk Rock Saves Lives!! More info in the Gig Listings Tickets for that show

Steeve Ricardo of Blowing Smoke has linked up with the multitalented Dunker Wilder Johnson to do their second podcast of We’re Coming For Your Band. This show is focused on Dag Nasty. They go chronologically through the catalog. Dag Nasty has a complicated history and Steeve and Duncan cover a lot of territory in this. Ricardo worked at the record label that released some of the Dag Nasty material so you get some inside stories.


The Stigmatics have served up a Halloween treat with “Creeper”. It’s not the similarly titled Unnatural Axe song. It’s a howling garage rocker, the kind The Stigmatics do better than anyone around these days. It’s almost four and a half minutes long which gives time to enumerate the terrors of the Creeper and to include some ripping solos too. Choice!!

It’s been a while since we’ve heard mention of The db’s. Well, I Thought You Wanted to Know: 1978-1981 is their new 23 cut album release of early singles, demos and live recordings. It comes with a 28 page full color booklet. The db’s cut their own path with their quirky indie pop. You can get it at Collectors’ Choice


We’ve seen Steve Conte in Boston in the bands for Michael Monroe and the New York Dolls. Now, he has a solo album. Bronx Cheer will be released on Friday, November 5th on Wicked Cool Records. That’s Little Steven's label. No surprise that one these songs, “Gimme Gimme Rockaway”. has been the Coolest Song of the Week on the Underground Garage.

Conte keeps things melodic rather than going for heavy rocking, which he can do. There’s a lot more acoustic work than you'd expect too. Some guests on the album are Chris Spedding, Clem Burke and Willie Nile. Here’s the song “Gimme Gimme Rockaway”.

Here's some good shows coming up .....

The Mafia October 21 (Thursday) The Desperate Hours does a Leonard Nimoy Tribute show!! 6-8PM WMFO 91.5fm. FB page.

October 22 (Friday) The New England Mafia (Brad Marino, Geoff Palmer and Kurt Baker) playing 2 sets of hits from all their bands also on the bill now Muck and the Mires at The Square Root.

October 23 (Saturday) Once OktoberFest at Boynton Yards FREE Live Music provided by ONCE Somerville - Artists TBA, FREE Beer Tasting from Portico Brewing, FREE Food Tasting from Jules Catering (starting at 3pm til it’s gone), FREE Fun and Games provided by EventThem, FREE Taza Chocolate Factory Tours and Tasting - 3-6pm is Family Fun Time and 6-9pm we crank it up for a party with Lala’s Pizza and more Live Music. Link to register. FB page.

October 23 (Saturday) The McGunks, Jason Bennett and the Resistance, Triggered, The Agonizers, Hosted by Mina Soly Matinee Show at the Midway FB page.

October 23 (Saturday) Sugar Blood Jinx, Hambone Skinny, The Guilloteenagers, Answerman at The Midway (night show)

Freeloader October 23 (Saturday) Teenage Bottle Rocket, Broadway Calls, COB, Brix’n Mortar at The Brighton Elks Lodge FB page.

October 23 (Saturday) The Molly MaGuires, Modern Day Idols, The Hi-End, The Cast Irons at The Jungle

October 23 (Saturday) Freeloader Album Release party at The Plough & Stars on October 23

October 24 (Sunday) The Grommets, The Fatal Flaw, Girth Control, The Jacklights at The Midway - a matinee show 3-7PM

October 24 (Sunday) Nervous Dater, Good Looking Friends, Tatoonie Punk Scene, Stubborn Hearts at O'Brien's in Allston

October 26 (Tuesday) Premature Ejack-U-Lantern 2 with Loser's Circle, The Blame Shifters, Squallie Greenthumb at The Hong Kong

October 29 (Friday) The Dents, Black Helicopter, Motel Black at O'Brien's

October 30 (Saturday) Tsunami of Sou nd, Ghost Truckers, Gypsy Moths, Jonee Earthquake Band at The Midway - a 3PM matinee show

Hixxgiving October 30 (Saturday) Hello Blondie, BETH, Justine and The Unclean, Kid Gulliver, Key of Caustic, and speedfossil at The French American Victory Club in Waltham Music at 5:30!!

October 30 (Saturday) Halloween Show with True Faith as Pixies, Bedroom Eyes as Smashing Pumpkins, Wire Lines at The Smiths - at O'Brien's

October 30 (Saturday) Halloween with Tsunamibots, Brand New Luddites and State of the Union in Montpelier, Vermont at Charlie-O's World Famous. FB page.

October 31 (Sunday) ONCE Upon a Very GRCB Halloween - Once is taking over the Crystal Ballroom at the Somerville Theater 2-5PM FB Page for info on bands etc. "Line Up Coming Soon!" if you want to play at this show

October 31 (Sunday) Coffin Salesman, Miracle Blood, Zoe Rose dePaz - 3PM Matinee Show at The Midway FB page.

October 31 (Sunday) Spinal Max, Gretchen & the Banshees, Wired for Nirvana yes you read that right!! It's Max Boras as Spinal Tap, Gretchen Shae and her band as Siouxsie and the Banshees and Wired as The Jungle Somerville. FB page.

October 31 (Sunday) Dropkick Murphys At Hogan's Run again Tessie costume wins a free drinks bracelet for the night. FB page.

November 1 (Monday) YAY!! The Hong Kong is back!! Ignorantes, Wanted, G.R.I.N., The Massacaered, 4 Minute Warning,

Stubborn Hearts November 5 (Friday) Shake The Faith (reunion gig!!) with Little Billy Lost at The Magic Room in Norwood. FB page. Here's a vid of Shake The Faith at the Channel 1989

November 5 (Friday) The Guns of Brighton return to the Breakaway in Danvers FB page here.

November 6 (Saturday) Modern Day Idols, Baabes, The Chelsea Curve, If We Go At All...8PM show at the Midway

November 6 (Saturday) Kris Rodgers & the Dirty Gems with Tiger Bomb & the Desires at Sun Tiki Studios in Portland, ME. FB page.

November 11 (Thursday) Barrence Whitfield, Nervous Eaters, Crunchtime at The Breakaway in Danvers FB page.

November 13 (Saturday) Hixxgiving X with Black Clouds, Hixx, Black 13 and Zagnutt - The Midway 3pm Matinee shows - there'll be free food and they are accepting food donations for local charities.

November 13 (Saturday) Field Day (x-Dag Nasty), Moving Targets, Lenny Lashley's Gang of One at the Middle East Up TIX!!

November 13 (Saturday) Unnatural Axe, Silver Synthetic, Kathy Snax, The Swettes, Johnnie and the Foodmasters at O'Brien's FB page.

Guns of BrightonNovember 13 (Saturday) Tsunami of Sound, U-ey at the Buoy at The Square Root

November 14 (Sunday)Thrust Club, Phantom Handshakes, Bad Larrys, Sorry, Ma! at O'Brien's

November 19 (Friday) Murderer's Row First Show In The Boston Area in 15 Plus Years at The C Note in Hull. Also on the bill Worm, Working Poor USA, Punk Band( Rockin' Bob's) and Dead Low(ex Revilers, Fast times, Led to the grave) FB page.

November 19 (Friday) Weakened Friends Record Release Day #1 at O'Brien's - also on the bill Mint Green, The Color and Sound. FB page

November 19 (Friday) Hardcore Stadium and Grayskull Booking Presents: Slapshot - Celebrating 35 Years of Hardcore Day 1- Stars & Stripes, Noi!se, COA, Patriot, Violent Way at Sonia - (already sold out!!)

November 19 (Friday) Joan Jet & the Blackhearts will be at the Chevalier Theatre in Medford Square. Tickets.

November 19 (Friday) Letters to Cleo are at the Paradise. Tickets here

November 20 (Saturday) Lurid Purple Flower, Verdegree, Motel Black, Shrink Ray at The Jungle

November 20 (Saturday) Weakened Friends Record Release Day #2 at O'Brien's - also on the bill Rebuilder and Old Soul. FB page.

Halloween November 20 (Saturday) Hardcore Stadium and Grayskull Booking Presents: Slapshot - Celebrating 35 Years of Hardcore Day 2 -Slapshot, Sheer Terror, Death Before Dishonor, Pummel, Count Time - at The Middle East Down. (already sold out!!)

November 21 (Sunday) KCUF (record release) with On The Cinder, CE Skidmore and The Damn Fine Band , Bad Ideas USA - 3PM matinee at The Midway.

November 27 (Saturday) Jason Bennett & the Resistance, The Damaged, The Hagglers, & Chris Skel at The Middle East

November 27 (Saturday) Dinosaur Jr. at the House of Blues on Saturday Nov 27. Tix

November 30 (Tuesday) The Labor Pains, Disqualifier, Tensor, Bad Sandy, The Lost Boys at The Midway. FB page

December 3 (Friday) Kurt Baker, The Fatal Flaw, Dutch Tulips at The Jungle

December 3 (Friday) Planet Mercury, Super Pink and Chris Walton at Club Bohemia

December 4 (Saturday) Hunter, Melt, Faith and GingerIbex at Club Bohemia

EatersDecember 10 (Friday) Live Skull w/ Thalia Zedek Band at the Midway - night show

December 11 (Saturday) The Hi-End, Watts, Freeloader - Middle East Up - starts at 12:30PM!!

December 11 (Saturday) Kids Like You & Me Christmas Special featuring Johnnie & The Foodmasters at Club Bohemia

December 18 (Saturday) Koto's Killer Kristmas Party with Marianne Toilet and the Runs, Fog Wizard, Dust Prophet at Koto Salem.

March 13, 2022 (Tuesday) Reigning Sound at the Sinclair Tickets:

March 20, 2022 (Sunday) Henry Rollins at The Wilbur for his Good To See You tour. Tickets here

March 31, 2022 (Thursday) The Parquet Courts are at the Royale. Tickets are here

April 22, 2022 (Thursday) Circle Jerks at the Paradise

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