Patricia Patricia

On June 18 2020 Our local music scene lost a graceful gentle soul and collaborator. Patricia Ann Pelland (Patrycja Stellanova on Facebook).
Patricia was ex wife of Arthur Freedman, life partner and roommate, former minister of propaganda for the Boston Archives project, former girlfriend ex post divorce and best friend of Allen Esser. Patricia took guitar lessons from Roger Miller and Karen DeBiasse, had fantastic taste in punk post punk and a myriad of other genres, an avid reader and film buff she always brought to our home books on music and fascinations. She had swell taste in t shirts and I am heartbroken as many in our scene will be at her loss. In an act of grace I got a box in the mail a couple of weeks ago as a belated birthday present of "The big midweek: Life inside The Fall" and a subscription to "the big takeover" zine.

Now the reality of what the Covid19 and pneumonia nightmare did to her. On May 10.2020 Patricia was at her moms dog sitting while her mom was recovering from surgery and was released home not being tested for Covid 19. Patricia picked her up from the rehabilitation facility and a few days later her mom was rushed to ICU with Covid19. A few days later on May 10,2020 Patricia called an ambulance for herself. She was put on a ventilator and doctors tried to get her off it 3 times to no avail. During this time she had several severe strokes, her lungs were still full and she was non responsive for almost 2 weeks slowly going through the stages of death. Those of you who knew her knew that she had severe depression, PTSD from having been brutally drugged and raped post our divorce, had suffered a major head injury while helping Allen Esser load out of a gig at the lizard lounge in 2007... The story is much longer. But she was fond of many in our circle... Her depression kept her from attending a lot of shows but when she went out, she often had wonderful times.