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Galaxy Cake

with The Daylilies, Lonely Leesa & The Lost Cowboys
and Kayde Hazel

The Jungle , Somerville, MA

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Mollie Murnane - Galaxy Cake

After a few months hibernation from the scene, I’m slowly emerging back to the Jungle. Literally and figuratively! So off I went to Somerville’s hipster spot in Union Square to witness a few happening bands with a sprightly crowd befitting a special event celebrating Galaxy Cake’s debut single.

Kayden Hazel

Openers Kayde Hazel ushered in a chaotic but fun short set showcasing their alternative-noise rock sound and proudly displayed trans/gender neutrality approach to their art. They have released two EPs worth checking out: Learner’s Permit and Be Gay, Do Crime.


Next up The Daylilies brought their seasoned chops, past pedigree and masterful blend of new wave, alternative and quirk pop to the stage. Lead vocalist/guitarist Laura England Klain exudes both elegance and passion while guitarist/backing vocalist Ad Frank (former Miles Dethmuffen/Permafrost and Fast Easy Women front man) blends his quirky playing (and dress) style seamlessly. Keyboardist Mike Quinn adds the right touch of synth sheen and the rhythm section of Amy Gee (bass) and Adam Goodwin (drums) is super solid.

Galaxy Cake

The band of honor Galaxy Cake took the liberty of actually having a cake baked (not “edible” sorry!) and served to all the attendees! The sugar buzz served well for their set, ranging from their raw and fizzy originals like “Ex Sex” and “Molly” to spirited covers of the Pixies “Gigantic” and the Beatles “Why Don’t We Do It In the Road.”

Lead singer Meredith Bee possesses a modest but commandingly cute charisma and her flute playing gives the band its uniqueness from the rest of the pack. Bassist Holly Kantor provides some really solid, inventive lines countering drummer Kristen Hughes’s unconventionally charming style. And guitarist Mollie Murnane provides the driving, soaring rock blast with an array of effects flavoring their repertoire. They ended with their debut single “Pick Me Up,” which is about Meredith needing Holly (who has the luxury of owning a vehicle) to pick her up to practice or a gig. It’s also their best song yet. Here’s hoping Holly’s wheels continue to turn so Galaxy Cake can keep feeding us their goods!

Lonley Leesa & the Lost Cowboys

Closing out the night was Lonely Leesa & the Lost Cowboys, who, upon first impression, seemed more conventional with their musical style compared to the previous acts but proved they have as much edge and conviction as any other upstarts and deviants (and I mean it in a good way!). Their tunes “Southern Boys,” “Nineteen” and “Bridge of Flowers” solidified their blend of slightly countrified rock with forward thinking, thoughtful lyrics. Like the Daylilies, this combo consists of experienced veterans (the Rationales, Eddie Japan and Ad Frank & the Fast East Women) and they were classy enough to mix in well with the newer, less polished acts without upstaging or demeaning them. For solidarity alone, they had Meredith come up to guest on their version of Marshall Tucker Band’s “Can’t You See” and she ably played the song’s iconic flute riff.

Good to be back in the scene saddle and look forward to more inspired shows to review!

Ad Frank - Daylilies

Holly Kantor - Galaxy Cake

Kristen Hughes - Galaxy Cake

Laura England Klain - Daylilies

Lonely Leesa Coyne

Meridth Bee - Galaxy Cake


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