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The Plough & Stars, Cambridge, MA

November 21, 2021

Larry Newman, Billy Connors, Mike Quirk and John Keegan

Like a badly wounded Phoenix arising from the Covid ashes, the resumption of the monthly Sunday matinee, The Mess Around came back and kicked major asses!!! Hosted by Jay Allen and Justine Covault, this event also was a celebration of our dear departed local rock veteran Asa Brebner. The tiny Plough & Stars was packed to full capacity and we were in for a fantastic afternoon into early evening!!
Black Threads
Justine's Black Threads

Kicking off the festivities was Justine’s Black Threads, her roots-rock oriented band with Johnny Sciascia and Jimmy Scoppa. They played a great set and did a nice alt-rock take on her punk pop Unclean’s song You and Me Against You and Me.

Tom Baker and Jay Allen
Tom Baker and Jay Allen

Next up was Tom Baker (Justine’s partner in rock) and he serenaded the audience with his acoustic numbers and set a nice tone.

Mach Bell

Then he introduced legendary local rocker Cowboy Mach Bell (Thundertrain and Joe Perry Project). He got the crowd up on its feet and proved “once a rocker, always a rocker” doing Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly covers along with two Joe Perry Project nuggets!

Robin Lane

Following Cowboy was Cowgirl - haha, just kidding! Actually, it was another legend Robin Lane! She was more hippie folkster than cowgirl (in the sand!). And she and her backing band did her rich, soulful songs to a very enthusiastic crowd!

Jay Allen
Jay Allen

Jay Allen, co-host, was next and he did his set before ushering in the Asa birthday tribute.

Frank Rowe, McGregor McGee, Suzanne Boucher,
Linda Viens and Larry Newman

The number of Asa’s friends and colleagues was astonishing and they did great renditions of his wide body of work! Among those paying him the ultimate compliment were Randy Black, Kenne Highland, Larry Newman, Billy Connors, Michael Quirk, Linda Viens, Charles Hansen, George Hall, Garret Vandermolen, McGregor McGehee and Frank Rowe! All of them have contributed to the excellent I Am Not Gone: A Tribute to Asa Brebner release, the first volume came out last year. The second volume should be out soon.

The rest of the night went well into early evening with an all-star lineup at the end!!

From how this all turned out, the future of Mess Around is looking good indeed!! We are not gone!!!

jimmy Harold
Jimmy Harold and Jan Long Collins

Linda Viens
Kenne Highlannd
Kenne Highland
Garret Vanderpool
Garret Vandermolen
Larry Newman
McGregor McGee and Larry Newman
Kenne Julie and Larry
Larry, Julie and Kenne

Larry Newman

Larry Newman, Jeebs, Tom Baker, Billy Connors and Mike Quirk

McGregor McGee and Larry Newman

Randy Black

Robin Lane and band

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