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Moose and the Mudbugs


Ralph's Worcester - April 17, 2015

Review and photos by John Keegan


Ed Moose Savage

Always liked Ralph's. Moose has his front man thing going on. He hoots and honks on his kazoo. He bends and twists on the stretcher to the St. James Infirmary. He slurps crawfish tails and chows beignets on a baritone infused Festival Time. The whole band kicks around the name checks on 20 Ashford.

Jesse Berlin
and Perrita Kitson - Rickity

The surprise of the night is Rickity. They're up from NY in shiny blue suits with a crazy mash of styles. They lay down a heavy classic rock foundation. The drums smoke. There's a bit of forgivable synth and cow bell. The bass slips from Geezer to Bootsy without a hitch. These guys are tight. They are way too solid to be messy and that's missed a bit. They have two credible singers. The gal takes most of the leads and lays on the soul. Big voice, big hair and wears her diva well. The twin guitars maneuver through the style twists and turn on a dime. The lead guitarist is a chameleon. His metal roots shoot thru and double tap up the neck. At one point he slips into a delicate, mesmerizing Spanish jam that slides back into some Eddie shredding. On paper, the ingredients don't add up. The Ralph's crowd was appreciative but a bit sparse for a dance party. Right bar, right crowd and the place would hop.


Mick Lawless

Moose and the Mudbugs

Moose and Prez

Prez pulls a Johnny Cash

Kenny K

Andy Caplan

Jessie Berlin - Rickity

Neil Cicione

Paul Gifford - Rickity

Perrita Kitson - Rickity

Randy Pratt and Paul Latimer - Rickity

Randy Pratt - Rickety

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