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WMFO Live Music Day

WMFO Studios, Tuft University, Medford, MA

May 4, 2019


The crazy kids and community partners at Tufts radio station WMFO 91.5 FM want to be your pal. They want to hear your music. They want the neighbors to hear your music. They have a frequency modulation and they want to use it. Sure, those wiggly waves are stymied by the mighty Charles River but that is what streaming is for.

This past Saturday ‘MFO put together an eclectic slate of top local talent and broadcast thirty-minute sets throughout the day. They had the hard to categorize but prolific rock musings of The Cast Irons (ask Bob about his guitar collection), renaissance raconteur rock man Anthony Kaczynski, the spidery blues of guitarist Peter Parcek, the big voice up-tempo blues of Danielle Miraglia and her songwriter foil Lisa Bastoni with Parcek adding tasty backing, those pop-punk whippersnappers Lily Black, the dirty swamp musings 61 Ghosts with Simon Ritt adding harmonica atmospherics, Will Dailey kicked it with story tunes and an acoustic guitar that made me think these tunes must be huge with a full band. And last but certainly not least, Celebutant, a Beefheart, Gregorian chant, take the arrangement less traveled art rock stew. The place was hopping; musicians, friends, DJ’s, BGN, parents. Tunes were blasted. Coffee was quaffed. Hands were shaken. Plans were made.

All of this was not just an excuse for DJ's Mike Stewart and Mike Newman to throw a party. Their goal is to put more local, live and recorded music and interviews out on ‘MFO’s airwaves. Multiple shows are available to make it happen including, Something About the Women, Detox Mansion, Rising and of course, On the Town. They’re willing to be creative about it. Don’t be shy. Talk to Mike Newman at mikefn @ or Mike Stewart at newmaldonias @ about your disks, live performances or interviews.

In the time-honored tradition of saving the best for last - in addition to the opportunity and interest in promoting the local scene the real diamond is the live, professional, production studio. With mad magician, Joel Simches behind the setup and the board for On the Town you get a top-level radio broadcast and walk out with a board cd that, cherry-picked, will make your web site or Bandcamp page smile. There you go - use it or lose it.


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