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So Alone:
Johnny Thunders Tribute

Lizard Lounge, Somerville, MA

Mayl 23, 2018


Johnny Thunders show
Simon Ritt and Ajda

Thunder’s alum Simon Ritt and a cast of local luminaries dug up the bones of Johnny Thunders, spanked him with a big hit of Narcan and took back Johnny’s ghost for a celebratory night. Tony Savarino and the Savtones did backing band duty. They were tighter than most of the band Johnny brought to town. They seamlessly thread the wire through Thunder’s mix of rocked up 50’s, New York punk to its twists and turns from clean ("You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory") with Ajda Snyder on backing vocals, to Heartbreaker clatter ("Leave Me Alone"), to Bo Diddly Dolls ("Pills").

Kelly and Kim - Bristols

Kelly Knapp and the Bristols added the sass talk to a hip twisting "Great Big Kiss". Mark Chenevert tossed his always good to hear honkin’ tenor into the mix to push it over the top. Ritt’s former Daughters bandmate Bill Doherty added second vocal to "Ask Me No Questions". "Daddy Rolling Stone" kept the roadhouse end of the party going with Phil Aiken grabbing a little spotlight on the ivories and Evan Shore and Eric Martin giving their harmonicas a workout.

So Alone

Tony Savarino and Mark Chenevert

Ritt vocals didn’t ape the man but had just enough Queens to make you smile. "London Boys" ripped. People came and went all night long. Chenevert horned up the groovalicious kiss-off "She’s So Untouchable". "Subway Train" ran slow and then stomped on the pedal. "Downtown" had that nasty, Stooges feel. "So Alone", which didn’t appear on its namesake album, got a deep dark smear with Joe Mazzari adding some of his trademark dirty blues. One off, one on, one up, one hell of a good time.


Dixie - 61 Ghosts

Evan and Eric

Mark Chenevert

61 Ghosts
Simon Ritt

Simon Ritt and Bill Doherty

Simon Ritt and Mark Chenevert

Simon Ritt

Simon Ritt

Simon Ritt


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