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John Keegan's Neglected Camera Card Slide Show

Various Bands, Dates and Locations

November 2022


I discovered a couple of neglected camera cards buried on my bureau. I'm going to resort to a couple sentences about a bevy of fine bands and a slide show.

The Squeeze Box Stompers brought the bayou boogie to a little church in Wakefield. On October 14 at the Shaskeen Pub in Manchester, NH the Humanoids brought the leather to early NWOBHM heavy rock and metal. How does Johnny Machine hit those high notes?

Scissorfight 2022 waves the NH flag and rocks so hard that the audience just might fall in and march north. Drunk Off Diesel get all the heads banging with hot solos, a front man who brings the party, and a drummer who kicks metal moonie on an electric kit no less and a bass player who channels a bit of cookie monster.

Sapling is an art rock band out of Worcester complete with occasional theremin play welcome angular post punk to kick off the Crow Follow cd release party. The Daylilies ratchet up the pop sophistication. Laura Klain lovely vocals are offset by Ad Frank's twirling guitar fills and backing vocals and all are set over a percolating, tight, keys and rhythm section.

Classic Ruins kept it snappy at Rick Paige's party on the cape. Ken Cmar and friends roasted a pig at Plum Island. Gretchen Shea and crew brought the big brawny rock to the Midway.

Schedule conflicts got me to do the wiggle at Woggles and Itchies at Dusk in Providence. Last but not least I spent a couple of days with those crazy, charming Swedes, Stupidity and their twisting and twirling gunslinger Keith Streng of Fleshtones fame.

The Bumbling Woohas did the crazy mobile walls art thing and Tiger Bomb laid out a batch of excellent new rockin' power poppers at the very cool Sun Tiki room in Portland. At the Frenchclub Cold Expectations keep evolving with great new singles and the Jim Melanson enhanced cover of the year of Lou Miami's "I Live with Ghosts." Justine and the Unclean kicked it. Andrea Gillis band for a night was fantastic especially on the big hearted "Weed Me Out" from her Ladies Love Thunder disk from a few years back.


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