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Yard Sale
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Somerville Rock and Roll Yard Sale

August 1, 2009

Pano.jpg - 145.51 K
Panorama of record buyers..

bnox of stuff at the yard sale.jpg - 150.66 K
Box of stuff at the yard sale.
From records_ purses coasters_bowls_ and other stuff amazing.jpg - 190.56 K
From records purses, coasters, bowls, and other ...amazing stuff .
Fusion Ethos Fashion_jewelry out of cool stuff.jpg - 171.90 K
Fusion Ethos Fashion - jewelry out of cool stuff.
Yardsale EEEK Record Nerds.jpg - 186.84 K
EEEK Record Nerds.
more records and nerds.jpg - 175.83 K
More records and nerds.
JOanie LIndstrom Record Nerd.jpg - 163.73 K
Joanie Lindstrom with the Record Nerds
Record Covers into original artworks.jpg - 159.16 K
Record Covers into original artworks.
YArd Sale 80s Rock Chicks Coasters.jpg - 160.66 K
80s Rock Chicks Coasters.
Yard Sale Mitch of triple Thick doing the vinyl thing.jpg - 170.29 K
Mitch of Triple Thick doing the vinyl thing.
Yard Sale NOTE CARDS and Coasters.jpg - 177.12 K
Note cards and Coasters.
Yard Sale Vagabond Jewelry Breator Kest Schwartzman.jpg - 121.40 K
Vagabond Jewelry creator Kest Schwartzman.
Yard sale Vagabond Jewelry_very cool necklaces.jpg - 170.20 K
Vagabond Jewelry - very cool necklaces.
Yard Sale_ Aint about music with out Weird o Records.jpg - 170.91 K
It aint about music with out Weirdo Records.

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