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The Spencer Gates Memorial

Charles Hotel 7/9/08

Click for a page of photos of Spencer.

    The memorial service for Spencer Gates was full of people, and full of the spirit of Spencer.
    The room at the Charles Hotel was at capacity and overflowing into the hall. It was the classy scenario Spencer would have loved. The people were from the punk community, her fellow workers and her family. One after another her friends recalled her life and recalled the attributes that made her one of the most joyful people you could ever meet.
    Spencer had told many people what she wanted at this service and what she wanted people to say. There were stories of her life full of humor that gave you a tug at the heart making you realizing the loss.

Michael Patrick McDonald, author of the memoirs All Souls and Easter Rising sent a rembrance that was read at the gathering.
Mac Donald Remembrance - Click Here

Photos from Joanie Lindstrom
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Casey, Dennis, Bradley,
Joanie, Henry and Albert O
Mem2300.jpg - 67.94 K
John Straub and Billy Ruane
Mem3300.jpg - 77.98 K
Miss Lyn, Blowfish, and Wayne
Memwellseley300.jpg - 83.53 K
Wellesley Girls
Mem5300.jpg - 83.54 K
Jon Bernhardt, Lou Giordano,
Thalia Zedek and Chris Brokaw
Mem6300.jpg - 83.39 K
Max Lax, Sheena,
Curtis Casella and Joanie
Mem7300.jpg - 72.89 K
John Straub, Jane, Joanie,Curtis,
Joyce Linehan and in front - Billy Ruane
Mem8300.jpg - 68.05 K
Walter and John
Mem9300.jpg - 72.15 K
Sheena, Joanie, John, Peter Gates and Jane Katz
Mem10300.jpg - 69.58 K
Drew O Doherty, Tommy Johnston,
Joanie and John
Mem12300.jpg - 70.43 K
Christine and Dave Sweetapple
MemShred300.jpg - 77.11 K
Curtis, Katie the Cleaning Lady and Shred

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