Crazy Jane. Email from Crazy Jane
Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2003 14:10:42 -0500
Subject: Crazy Jane

Heyyy Miss Lyn:My oldest son called me from New Jersey today and told me that he found a picture of me on your site for the whole world to see.So I looked it up for myself.That was about as photogenic as I could ever get.They're not bad.Crotch-grabbing---sheesh,how drunk was I? In my usual condition for the time,I guess.I'm never in that condition any more.I imbibe something like one lightweight alcoholic drink every two years now.I've never been in rehab,didn't get religion or anything like that,just plain lost my taste for the stuff naturally in my late thirties.Never was a druggie type , just consorted with them.Couldn't be bothered with that type now.

   So---I'm not dead.Where am I? In Atlanta GA and environs since 1986.And yes,it's the Sahara of the Bozart and all that,but I don't have to dress in 18 layers of clothes and slide down 9 foot tall snowdrifts into piles of dogshit anymore,which suits me just fine.
   My two sons are 25 and 18 years old.The oldest is Quentin.He was attending Northeastern U. in Boston a few years back but currently lives in New Jersey and is finishing college there.He is married to a beautiful and smart young lady from Kenya,no kids yet.My younger son is Adrian.He's 18 and lives nearby here with his Dad.

    I'm divorced,live alone,own my home.I tend to prefer quiet pursuits these days rather than noisy ones.I've amassed a pretty large library of books,periodicals and classic cinema on video and hope to live long enough to read/watch them all.I work in state government and have for the past dozen years,at an interesting though not particularly remunerative job. The cost of living here is lower than up there,and I have more room for all the stuff I've accumulated than I would if I'd stayed in Boston.
    Nobody here knows about this "Crazy Jane" business unless I choose to share it with them,which happens rarely.I briefly allude to my so-called wild past,just enough to keep them guessing,then carry on with my work or whatever.I don't socialize much,as Southerners are for the most part just not on my wavelength.I find that celibacy suits me.I'm not fat and I'm not wrinkled.I ask for only a few basic simple things in life like Gervaise in Zola's "L'Assommoir" did,and hope I don't starve to death under the tenement stairs like she did,or at least not until I've finished reading all these goddamn books!

    Greetings to all who remember me,I hope all of you still alive are well and happy.I welcome correspondence from all my Boston rock acquaintances of old at
Hope hope to hear from you all.

jane langston aka "Crazy Jane"