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Linda Leather and Husband in Iceland - 2007.....Linda Leather in it up to her neck. Linda tells you all to try Iceland, it's cool and it's hot.

Gallery East...Here's a look at what the room looked like. This would be around 1981 I think.

Ralph Fatello sent in these.:
Mitch , The Rat doorman, in 1977.
Richie Parsons filming - No Surfing In Dorchester Bay, then going into the Rat.
The Vinny Band at Cantones in 1978
Ralph playing Bunrattys in 1978
Vinny Band at the Rat in 1978
Vinny Band at the Rat in 1980
Ralph showing Miss Lyn some graphics - 1980.
WERS Live Broadcast with Steve Cataldo - in the studio ONE - TWO.
Ralph and son Max surfing in 2004
Ralph on a big mother in Nicaraqua.

Richie Parsons photos of the Inflictors at Cantones.:
One - Two - Three - Four - Five.

Richard Nolan sent in these:
1965 !! With The Kingston Trio !! Standing: L to R: John Stewart, Bob Shane, Nick Reynolds - Sitting Bobby Bernard and Richard who performed as "The Statesmen".
2005 with new poodle Kalani in front of his apt.
10/7/2005 on stage:Waikiki, Hawaii.

Miss Lyn and Spencer Gates at Joanie Lindstroms B-day party 9/30/2005. Didn't we have a great time? Oh, YOU wern't there?...Sorrrrrrry.

Lipstick the Midway 4/23/05 ..pic by Eric Law

The Billygoons ...the shameless mugging continues on New Years Eve 2004. Left to right; Lester Miserables, Dr Felix Kruel and Tommy White Trash. Photo by Mark Davis.

Vikki Sixx of Sugabomb with some asshole.

Linda Leather in December of 2004 in Lappland !!! This is her with her Sami guide Dennis.

John Macey sends a 1978 photo at Cantones with Macey, Miss Lyn and Kenny.

Some Late Risers at the River Gods. From Left.... Tim, Jessica and Jonathan

Miss Lyn getting attention from some Jabbers-2003-Photo by Jay Hale of Fat City magazine.

Dave Hardcore has been resurfacing lately. Here he is with Tommy White at the Moose and the Mudbugs Linwood gig.

Linda Leather - 2003 with son Corey, still rockin' in the burbs.

Poke Mono Jeff.....playing in top form still with DMZ and the 8/2003

Joanie Lindstrom of WMBR/LRC with her signed Jam poster.

TMax photo of Greg Reibman and Blowfish at the WMBR Pajama Party - mid 80's

The Real Kids 2003. The band is (left to right) Jimmy Birmingham (drums), John Felice, Chris Barnard (bass) and the man from left field, Billy Cole.

Nervous 2003.

You've heard Willie sing Dirty Eddie well here he is Dirty Eddie.

Merle Allin sent this pic of GG Allin and Wendy O Williams.

Johnny Angel has a baby and he looks angel... See Johnny and Xerces

He's one is safe now!...Xerces

Boston Punks

It wasn't just all about the music. Although we always said that. We got to know each other , even if it was just by sight.
During those days we were always out clubbing and Blowfish was always with his camera and snapping. Here are some of those photos.

Four of the COOLEST women of punk.......Jane,Judy,Pseudo,Linda.

She had a great personality and it seemed like she was at every gig there for awhile....Linda Leather

Here's Rachel ,in middle, with Jeri-Ann at Cantones with the bartender getting in the pic. I never knew his name, but he was there a long time.

Rita Ratt and Jo Ann Greene...serious groupies. Rita is in the front. We got news that Rita Ratt was dead a few years ago . There are people who claim Jo Ann Greene is a teacher in England. Go figure.

B.J. Platner was always around and dressed.

Crazy Jane was a Nervous Eater and Real Kids fan. I once saw her in the Rat take out her breast and suck on it . Hey, she was crazy.

We called her the Lizard Lady.

If you ever went to the early gigs you know Mental Man or Roy Mental. He would yell , "GO MENTAL" before ,during and after every song. Sounds funny and it was but after the 500 th time,,,,,,,,,,,

Judy a Cantoner. Cute and in your face.

Photos From Jonathan Paley.

Jonathan Paley, Steve Cataldo, Rob Skeen of the Nervous Eaters. .

Steve Cataldo and Jeff Wilkinson of the Nervous Eaters. .

Steve, Jeff and Rob - Nervous Eaters. .

Now this is embarrassing- Johnathan Paley at 16 .

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