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The Maxie Awards

The Middle East
Jan 15. 2006

    The pageantry, the glitz, the opulence transfixed the large crowd. But why talk about the Golden Globes, this was The Maxies! The cheapness, the lack of clean cloths and the souring group of potential 'winners' who are losing mark: The Maxies .
   There were 25 categories and all the results come down to this.....we didn't win. We didn't come in second. We didn't come in third. We came in fourth. One measly point above, a site that isn't up any more. Go ahead check the link for yourself. We are taking it well, though. We harbor no ill feellings toward TMax and all the voters. Do we wallow in bitterness? Oh ya, we wallow...we wallow...

Masters of Ceremony
Masters of the Ceremony
Pat McGrath, Peter Moore, and Michelle Paulhus
Robbie gave us a couple of good verbal slams
Robbie Roadsteamer regales the crowd.
Cue-ito ergo sum
The cue card guy,Kevin Ryan
Oh, that sweet valley, I want to be there now. dreaming.
Tunnel of Love
Flexie, er Lexie, er dreaming.
Poll:Who wants to get a life?
Anya -online, always.
Worse things have been heard on that stage
After winning "Best Club" Nabil Sater
belts out an acappella My Way.
He's no Sid Viscious.
Lots of audio puns and references...great
Superior keyboardist Al Sheinfeld did a great job.
We criticize the critic, very postmodern
Brett Milano expounds and Pat MacGrath has to listen.

There's more !?! Click for Part II

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