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January 27, 2020

We're proud to be connected with this show at the Paradise on May 29.

The Middle East was in the news this week. The whole complex is up for sale for 40 million. They bought the building in 2014 for 7 million. The Sater’s say paying that mortgage is hard and they are looking to sell. And that leads to much commenting on social media. If that place closes it will be a huge loss for the music scene!! The story is here.

We actually were at The Middle East on Wednesday for a Hardcore Stadium show.

Photo: Blowfish

We really got knocked out by Kind!. They are punk/hardcore and also say straight edge on their Bandcamp description. They're from Boston and have been around a few years.

There was more movement on stage then at a dance performance. These guys were just all over the place. The bass player never stopped bending over backward and super stomping across stage. This was not precision hardcore, it was loose, like a garage hardcore. It was a little different and it worked for us. When they talked it was all positive words on love and peace. That felt good too.

The singer had a very itneresting look with his large poncho. Lead singer Fernando emailed later about it:

The robe, is a Mexican Poncho, in Spanish called, gabán! On the front was a image of Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl. (First photo below) Basically they’re names of mountains, one of them volcanic. There’s a a couple tales of the mountains. Popocatépetl, a Azteca warrior, and Iztaccíhuatl, a Azteca princess. The link below tells of the tale of these two lovers.
And on the back Is the Mexican coat of arms/emblem of the Mexican flags. (Second photo below)
The poncho is very warm, like a heavy blanket, nice while driving in cold weather waiting for the car to warm up or staying cozy at home.
POCHO Poncho

They have a few releases on their Bandcamp page that are representative but it’s the live show that brings it all together. Check 'em out!!

Photo: Blowfish

Next up was Gripe. They were more straight ahead hardcore and we were in the mood for it. There were times where they all banged out the same riff in unison. The video below shows one of those times. Here's their Bandcamp page.

Sick Minds
Sick Minds
Photo: Blowfish

The headliners were Sick Minds, also a Boston band with members from Taxi Driver and Rat Trap in the band. They were super tight. There was some metal in the hardcore with other stuff. They reminded us of Silver Screams in that way. They upped the intensity and they were twice as loud as the other bands. All that makes the music hit hard.

The song Blood Money gives a sense of what they can do.

All in all a nice line up for the Middle East. They don’t have a lot of shows we hit these days. With all those music rooms under one roof we should be going there more but unfortunately for us the booking has changed to other leanings.

Watts rocking
Photo: John Keegan

John Keegan hit Roslindale in the rain: I went to dinner at Delfino’s to fortify. Great old school Italian place. Its tight-packed tables are crowded and lively. The decor is past its prime but feels right. Our waitress is charming and informative. The food supports its solid local reputation and the chocolate bread pudding dessert was monstrous and delicious. I blame the pudding for missing Justine and the Unclean.

Watts rocking the house
Photo: John Keegan

The Square Root is a haul on a rainy night. It didn’t stop a crowd of familiar faces from packing the shiny, coffee shop room. Watts came out hot to rock. They jump on their credo, The Black Heart of Rock and Roll, and never stop the compressions. Dan Kopko ran into a little wire and box problem that flatlined things for a minute or two but they jumped right back up. Watts tear through their playlist of uptempo life and times rock ‘n roll radio. Lynch and McCoy pound and pummel. Blout and Kopko yell “clear” and apply the electrodes. It’s alive.

The Hi End rocking
The Hi End
Photo: John Keegan

The Hi End
kick a different ass. Johnny Carlevale closes his eyes and bears down on the microphone. It’s still a party but there’s a hint of tension. Carlevale seems to have an itch that he needs to scratch that contrasts well with Watts’s party hardiness. Curt Florzcak flies around on his thick toned V. Bruno Giordano has a walking spider way with melody lines that counterpoint Floracak’s riffs. Both guitarists go in for some role reversal that keeps everybody interested.
The Hi End
The Hi End
Photo: John Keegan

Anthony Giordano holds down The Hi End’s surprisingly melodic low end, especially when he doubles the main riff. Scott Sugerman never lets up and the drum assault. Nervous Breakdown and Lookin’ for Some Kicks are jumping. They show some charm on a well-aimed cover of Justine and end on a new tune about actions speaking louder than words.

Click Here for more band photos.

And in other news.......

Joanie in Denmark Joanie Lindstrom dedicated her show this week (Thursday) to her favorite live shows of the decade. It's all great music and you get her take on those shows. Bands include: Buzzcocks, Von Traps, Amyl and the Snifters, Michael Monroe, and Outlets. Like always the WMBR Late Risers Shows are archived for two weeks at

Meanwhile Joanie’s been traveling again, and we have her report on her Poland/Sweden/Denmark vacation. She visited three cities; Gdansk/Malmo/Copenhagen. She finds a few record stores and goes to a bar in Copenhagen called Duck and Cover!! She had to go there. For a while she trades donuts for Danish hot dogs. You can check it all out here... Joanie's Gdansk/Malmö/Copenhagen Vacation

Willie Loco and Mark Chenevert are playing in town on February 1 at the Milky Way in Jamaica Plain. It’s and afternoon show and a benefit show that Anne Rearick has set up. It’s to, “raise funds for Nwabisa Mlanjeni, to help buy a place to create a small sewing center for girls in Langa, South Africa. We're more than halfway there to our goal of $25,000!" Andrea Gillis is also on the bill. Tickets are $40.00. Tix and more info are here.

Rick Harte Rick Harte is stepping out of the studio for a while and starting to do some live recordings later this Spring. He’s got his tape recorders from 1977 (Crown 822 CX machines – pictured to the right) and they've done some legendary recordings. He plans to do some post production to complete the project. He’s looking to push the envelope a bit. He’s been out seeing live bands at the Tavern at the End of the World mostly. What’s old is new again. This could be a new paradigm for recording in the 2020s.

Color Killer has another whiz bang pop punk tune called “Not Your Valentine”, just in time for Valentine Day! WOW, It bounces along and has those single string Buzzcock like lines and clocks at 1:59. Listen here.....or hit the box'll want to hear it a few times over!!!

Muck and the Mires just released their brand new single and its another anti-Valentine's theme!! "Cupid's Not A Friend Of Mine" for airplay, reviews, streams, blogs, screams, and your pure enjoyment of garage rock n' roll. You can check it out here: Cupid/Muck....

Muck and the Mires also have announced that their brand new full length release 'Greetings From Muckingham Palace' will be released this Spring on Dirty Water Records Vinyl & CD. Muck and the Mires have history with Dirty Water which includes the Double White Line 7inch (Kim Fowley Sessions) and Muckus Maximus 10inch/CD EP.

There's an art show coming up with works by a large number of people in the Boston music scene ... Two Pieces Art Show and Party will have work by Wayne Valdez, Dave Tree, Ruby Viens, Jess Punk, Irene Ferri, Isabel Riley, Diane Dodge, Claire Eder, Woody Geisman, Amelia May, William Jordan, Tracy White Wendland, Dennis Stein, Joanne Kaliontzis and not to forget – Miss Lyn of the BGN. Each artist will have two pices in the show.

Two Pieces Art Show and Winter Party is on Saturday, Feb 8 at 3PM-1AM at Gallery Poulet, 613 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02141

Bradley Jay The corporate monster strikes again. This time it was I Heart Radio doing the dirty work. They bought WBZ a few years ago. Just lately they declared bankruptcy. In corporate America that doesn’t mean you die, just reshuffle. In cutting overhead they cut out Bradley Jay’s show Jay Talking. There’s a lot of pain out there on this.

Bradley handled solid news along with a wide range of entertainment topics, often both the same night. he did just that when Blowfish was on the show. He had other music people on as a regular thing. Bradley has had stints at WZBC, WLYN (which became WFNZ) and WBCN. He did the very last show on WBCN. Bradley worked hard to get the job. No doubt some talk station will pick him up. The Bradley Jay show with Blowfish can be heard on Bandcamp.

Mark you calendar for:

DNZL Saturday February 1 - Loser's Circle, DNZL, Chandler Cross at The Hong Kong

Saturday February 8- Two Pieces Art Show and Winter Party - Gallery Poulet Cambridge

Live shows in a recording studies are fun. Here’s one on Feb 29 at Q Division Studios with The Gravel Pit and The Mommyheads. "The two have not played a show together since the late 90's at T.T. the Bear's Place. Both bands have been mutual fans of one another since the 90's and somehow are still making music some 32 years into their respective why not play a show in Boston in 2020?" well be there! FB page.

It's the first Nervous Eaters show in NYC in 15 years.Well, it's actually in Brooklyn but that's cool these days....Nervous eatyers and The Putz at Sixty Sixth Congress on May 2. Here's the FB page. And TIX.

May 8, 9 & 10 - Salem Answers-Night: A three day music fest to celebrate and encourage the arts, magic, equality, and diversity of Salem! (listings below)

Here's some good shows coming up this week.....

Monday! January 27 (Monday) il Mostro, Between Skies, Silver Screams at Charlie's Kitchen

January 31 (Friday) Blood Built Empire, SOLD, Husbands, at the Hong Kong

February 1 (Saturday) Loser's Circle, DNZL, Chandler Cross at The Hong Kong

February 1 (Saturday) Stop Calling Me Frank,Greg Allen's Fringe Religion, Tsunami of Sound at The Square Root Roslindale

February 1 (Saturday) Sonomatics, The Worried, Electric Joey, Knightsville Butchers at Ralph's Rock Diner Worcester

And further out there is....

February 6 (Thursday) Zip Tie Handcuffs, The Bobby Lees, Baabes, Dead Trains at O'Brien's

February 7 (Friday) Lucid Lynx, Above The Din, Luxury Deathrap, Heavy Hands at The Midway

February 7 (Friday) Immolators, Labor Hex, Wire Lines, Brain Vacuum at 13th Floor Music Lounge Florence MA.

February 8 (Saturday) Murphy & The Mess, The Inebriations, the Deep State, Amoricans at The Midway - this is a 3PM Matinee show

Von Traps February 8 (Saturday) SS*25, The Von Traps, The Lipstick Boys at Sally O'Brien's FB page

February 8 (Saturday) Screamin' Rebel Angels, Trash Pandas, The Wandering Ones and DJ Easy Ed spinnin' 45s t The Square Root FB page for set times etc

February 8 (Saturday) Scuzzy Yeti, IL Mostro, Z/28 and Wrought Iron Hex at The Midway

February 8 (Saturday) Nick And The Adversaries (CD Release), Jason Bennett and The Resistance, Triggered at The Middle East Up

February 8 (Saturday) Nat Freedberg & No Brainer at the Plough & Stars with special guests John Powhida's JPX to celebrate the release of Record Number Three on Rum Bar Records!

February 8 (Saturday) Lux Lives 2020 with The Evil Streaks, The Demon Seeds, Thee Benevolent Tarots at Opus, Salem FB page
DJ Kogar the Swinging Ape playing Lux and Ivy's Favorites all night long!

February 8 (Saturday) Confusatron, Escuela Grind, Willzyx, Lepra, Sores at Geno's Portland, ME

Billy Connors February 9 (Sunday) Club Linehan A Go Go, A Bunch of Jerks, The Billy Connors Project, Miranda Rae at Midway - a matinbee show 3-7PM

February 14 (Friday) The Endorphins, Moist Boy, the Betties at The Hong Kong

February 15 (Saturday) A Crash Course for the Ravers featuring Screw Cart WMFO 91.5 - 1-4PM

February 15 (Saturday) Martin, Morell, Fredette, Richie Parsons and Randy Black at the Midway Matinee show 3-7PM

February 15 (Saturday) The Gala, Hambone Skinny, Zulu Lulu at The Square Root- this is an ALL AGES show

February 15 (Saturday) Xander Nelson & TIger Bomb at Big Babe's Portland, ME

February 16 (Sunday) Stop Calling Me Frank, State of the Union, The New Frustrations, The Steamies at The Midway - matinee 3-7PM

February 16 (Sunday) HardCore Stadium presents Fuming Mouth, High Command, Raw Radar War, Suffer on Acid, Mangled - Middle East Up 7PM

Rock show poster February 17 (Monday) Black Beach, Rye Pines, Proper Nouns, Night Beat at Charlie's Kitchen

February 19 (Wednesday) Randy Black & The Heathcroppers Plough & Stars Residency

February 21 (Friday) Set Fire, The Gala, Motel Black, Gene Dante and The Future Starlets at Koto in Salem

February 22 (Saturday) A Crash Course for the Ravers featuring Linea Herzog WMFO 91.5 - 1-4PM

February 22 (Saturday) Justine's Black Threads EP Release Party w/Two Fathoms Down at Atwood's Tavern - this is a 3-6PM show.

February 22 (Saturday) Rum Bar Records Anniversary Show with The Dogmatics - 11:00 PM, Muck and the Mires - 10:00 PM, The Dirty Truckers - 9:00 PM at The Square Root

February 22 (Saturday) blindspot, Baabes, Set Fire, Hands 3 at O'Brien's

February 23 (Sunday) The Gobshites - Performing Live on WAAF - Carmelita's Bay State Rock

Brian Young WMFO February 23 (Sunday) Sick Minds, Skytigers, Color Killer, Nine Votes Short - 2-6PM matinee and ALL AGES at Thirsty First in Lowell

February 24 (Monday) Rebuilder, Dead Bars, Oh the Humanity!, Towanda at Charlie’s Kitchen

February 28 (Friday) Scuzzy Yeti, Death Pesos, 3 Parts Dead, Blue Manic at Club Bohemia

February 28 (Friday) LUX LIVES East Coast 2020 with The Evil Streaks, The Demon Seeds, Thee Benevolent Tarots and DJ Kogar the Swinging Ape playing Lux and Ivy's Favorites all night long! at Opus Underground Salem. FB page.

February 29 (Saturday) DJ Easy Ed presents: Lynnette & the Sundowners, The Barley Hoppers, Easy Ed's Record Hop at The Midway for a 3-7PM matinee show.

February 29 (Saturday) PowerSlut “Fun With Junk” Release Party...AND...WhistleStop Rock Fest featuring he Chelsea Curve, Cold Expectations, Field Day, Heather Rose In Clover, Justine and The Unclean, Lockette, Kid Gulliver, The Knock Ups, The Shang-Hi-Los, and Tiger Bomb! EARLY show 3PM - Midnight mat Once Somerville.

March 7 (Saturday) The Gala, Muck and the Mires, Dangereens, The Downhauls at The Midway (night show)

March 7 (Saturday) Cortez, Mighty High, Test Meat, Bone Church at OBrien's

March 8 (Sunday) Kenne Highland Clan, Mad Painter, The Fools Agenda, Spaces For Two at The Jungle

March 9 (Monday) SkyTigers, Brix'n Mortar, Circus Battalio, Rage//Quit at Charlie's Kitchen

BGN Archives March 13 (Friday) Murphy's Law at the Middle East Up

March 13 (Friday) This is Night 1 of a 2-night Whistle Stop Rock festival in Salem!! Featuring: The Knock Ups, The Cold Expectations, The Chelsea Curve at Koto Salem

March 14 (Saturday) A Crash Course for the Ravers featuring Lucretia’s Daggers! WMFO 91.5 - 1-4PM

March 14 (Saturday) Dead Kennedys (three originals and NO Jello Biafra) at Big Night Live - here's the FB page- be sure to read everything you CANNOT do there before you go!!!

March 14 (Saturday) This is Night 2 of a 2-night Whistle Stop Rock festival in Salem!! Featuring: Kid Gulliver, Heather Rose In Clover, Justine's Black Threads... And special guests: The Dents!! at Koto

March 15 (Sunday) Anti-Flag, Grade 2, Doll Skin, Evan Greer at Brighton Music Hall

March 18 (Wednesday) Randy Black & The Heathcroppers Plough & Stars Residency

March 20 (Friday) Wine Lips, Zip-Tie Handcuffs, Baabes at O'Brien's Pub FB page

March 21 (Saturday) Brockton Hardcore Punk Shows presents In Cold Blood, Departed, Sick Minds, Divided Life, Eternal Reach at Dylan's in Brockton. FB page.

March 21 (Saturday) POST PUNK II with Chuck Ferreira, Duncan w Johnson, Anthony Kaczynski at Sally O'Brien's

March 21 (Saturday) The Return of the Bentmen w/ CMB at Once FB page

Art show for you arties! March 21 (Saturday) The Knock Ups, Motel Black, Pigeon Man, The Runouts at The Square Root

March 27 (Friday) Hey Zeus, Labor Hex, Razorburn City at O'Brien's

March 27 (Friday) Little Caesar, Diablogato, Little Billy Lost, Pink Mahalares at Koto Salem

March 28 (Saturday) Bombpops, MakeWar, Pass Away, In the Meantime at The Hong Kong

March 28 (Saturday) The Zulus at The Paradise

March 28 (Saturday) WhistleStop Rock Festival Portland with Tiger Bomb, Heather Rose In Clover, The Knock Ups, PowerSlut, The Chelsea Curve, Kid Gulliver, Justine and the Unclean at Sun Tiki Studios 6PM start!!! FB page

March 31 (STuesday) Stubborn Hearts, Nowhere Fast, Lotus Kid, The War In Kids at the News Cafe Provi RI

April 3 (Friday) Kid Gulliver, The Steamies, The Winter Project, A Bunch of Jerks at The Jungle

April 4 (Saturday) Uncomfortables, DNZL, Joe Division, The Damaged at the 13th Floor Music Lounge, Florence MA

rock show poster April 8 (Wednesday) Mad Painter Live on the Heavy Leather Topless Dance Party

April 11 (Saturday) Courtney From Work, The Holts, Rawstrum, OTP at The Jungle

April 17 (Friday) FU's, End of Hope, Northern Skulls, & More at O'Brien's

April 19 (Sunday) The Undertones at The Paradise

April 25 (Saturday) WhistleStop Rock Festival Western Massachusetts - featuring: Heather Rose In Clover, Kid Gulliver, The Cold Expectations, OTP and special guests State Of The Union at HiLO North Adams - FB page

May 8 (Friday) Salem Answers-Night 1: This is a music fest to celebrate and encourage the arts, magic, equality, and diversity of Salem! 7-9 at Koto: Accoustic sets with Pink Malahares, Coffin Salesman, Jenn Lombari - 9:30 to close at Koto: Salem Wolves, Oh The Humanity!, Radio Compass, Bad Larry's....9:30 to Close at Opus: Marianne Toilet and the Runs, Losers Circle, Red Ledger, Hyber, Subourban Sunrise FB page

May 9 (Saturday) A Crash Course for the Ravers featuring Glider WMFO 91.5 - 1-4PM

May 9 (Saturday) Salem Answers-Night 2: 7-9 at Koto: Acoustic sets with Live Nude Girls, C.Murray, C.Okeeefe - 9:30 to close at Koto: Diablogato, Brix'N Mortar, Hellbound Hitmen, Skytigers, Motel Black...9:30 to Close at Opus: The Gala U.S., Z28, The Von Traps, The Downhauls FB page

Bay State Rock May 10 (Sunday) SalemAnswers-Night 3: 7-9 at Koto: Accoustic sets with Carissa Angelo, Opus, Vilanvs, - 9:30 to close at Koto: Stiff Propisition (Glamtastic covers members of Bacterial Husk, Sexcrement, and Brix'N Mortar), Master of Beers (Metallica), Aces High (Iron Maiden), Warthog (Ramones ). FB page

May 16 (Saturday) Baabes, The Knock Ups, Mister Vertigo, Motel Black at The Jungle

June 13 (Saturday) Lyres and GLiDER at ONCE Lounge early 6:30-9PM show

June 14 (Sunday) Fourth Annual Out of the Blue Art Gallery Benefit FB page for more info as it comes.

September 17 - 21 The New England Shake-Up! Year Seven! in Framingham FB page

CONTACT US Send us your gig listings, your anything else ya got!! You want your CD reviewed?? Contact us for that too.

Photo: Blowfish
Photo: Blowfish
Sixk Minds
Sick Minds
Photo: Blowfish
Watts drummer
John Lynch - Watts
Photo: John Keegan
The Hi End
Curt Florzcak - The Hi End
Photo: John Keegan
Dan Kopko - Watts
Photo: John Keegan


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