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May 2, 2022

The Mummies at Alchemy video slde show

The Mummies formed in 1988 but never played in New England…till now. John Keegan got to the show at Alchemy in Providence, RI last Sunday (4/24). It was a wild set and dressing up as mummies makes for some great photos! We have a video slide show above and the review of the show which included The Fabulous Itchies. See all the photos and read John's review by clicking the photo link below.

Meanwhile Captain Easychord stayed close to home and attended the Saturday afternoon show at the Midway where he saw four local bands: Johnny Plankton & the Sea Monkeys of Sole, The Flying A-holes, Corinne Southern & The Constellations and A Bunch of Jerks. Click the photo link below to go to the Captain’s review and photos.

Jenn Lombari is a hard working musician! She’s been punching away for years, including during the pandemic. She was out there doing live shows whenever there was a let up in restrictions. In a sort of validation Rhode Island PBS has given her a short profile segment for an upcoming show. She talks about what she’s doing and performs two songs and explains what they are about. This is great exposure for Jenn! Here it is on Facebook.

Busy Jenn was part of the Spring Art & Flea day at the News Café on May 1. She also is running the Punks for Pets show at the News Café on Sept 17 –Scroll down to see the details on that in our gig listings below the news.

SheenaThe Mystery Girls show on WMBR was crazy and unruly, where anything and everything was said and the music was great. If you heard the show the memory would not fade. It was driven by the power of the personalities of those two exceptional women Sheena and Spencer.

There’s not much information on it but it appears that Sheena (Lisa Buckholtz) of the Mystery Girls has died. This is beyond sad. Spencer Gates the other half of the Mystery Girls died in 2008. Our page on Spencer here.

Stormstress is up for the Band of the Month at Black Castle Radio. Help the band by voting here.

Looks like the new ManRay on Prospect street in Central Sq is "‘98% done’ but opening is unknown as city inspection process continues" Getting those permits can go on forever but at least we have some news about the opening actually happening. Read the article on Cambridge Day.

Punk Rock Aerobics Punk Rock Aerobics has secured a semi-permanent location at Zone 3 on Western Ave in Allston for the summer so they can do weekly (every Tuesday) LIVE and in person aerobics classes. PRA is a 60-minute exercise class combining original punk dance moves and aerobic exercise. Infused with the humor, attitude, and aesthetics that are integral to the identity of punk and DIY. PRA promises NO mirrors, NO obnoxious gym music. Classes happen in rock clubs and DIY spaces only. We use bricks for weights and our special guest DJ’s spin killer punk anthems! (Bring your own mat!!) Classes are from May 17th through June 28th. Go to the Punk Rock Aerobics FB page for tix and info.

To this day it’s always a revelation how well known The Rat was .. and still is. Back in the day, to the outsiders, it was known but disparaged along with the punk music that played there. There's been so much written about it. It's shown up in fiction literature too, especially mysteries. We have some of those books listed in our page Authors: Boston Rock

Trouble of FoolsWe found another mention in A Trouble of Fools (1987) by Linda Barnes. A character on the phone says: “Tequila, how about I call you back? At the Rat? Tonight? Gross. Jeez. Okay. Later.” She hung up. on Tequila. I wondered if Tequila was a boy or girl. I knew it wasn’t a rat. The Rat is this punk hangout in Kenmore Square. If Moony (a cop) got a call to go to the Rat he’d bring rubber gloves, a chair and a whip.”

Later there is a mention of Kenmore Square: “I liked the gritty feel of Kenmore Square. It seemed like a place at home in the dark, pulsing with the restless energy of the red and blue Citco sign.” Anyone writing about Kenmore Square today? Not us.

Thursday the Globe gave some space to the Oh, Hello Boston online radio station. It was founded and is run by Sooz (Susan Kaup). Some of the music is picked by Lexi Kahn.

Oh Hello Bosotn There have been a few previous attempts by different people but an online station has been a difficult concept to make work. We think Oh, Hello Boston has got things right so far. A few more regular features would be welcome but this is just the beginning. This would be a good home for Carmelita’s Bay State Rock.

If you can get by the paywall the article is here. If not go over to Oh, Hello Boston and give it a try.

Johnny & the Jumper Cables' "complete Recordings 1984-91" output is on a YouTube video. Posted by Ryan Fry, it’s about a half hour long. Fans will remember: “Landmine”, “I Get Nervous”, “Death Squad of the Mind” and the live favorite “Kielbasa” (where real kielbasa was used in illustration). If you have an urge to hear “Hail Mary, Sit On My Face” here it is!!! Link to video Kenne mentions it in his Kenne Highland at Large column this week also.

Lydia Lunch Boston Hassle is teaming up with Satanic Temple Salem to bring Lydia Lunch and Tim Dahl to Salem. They will perform music from their Murderous ... Again album: “a unique fusion of psycho-ambient jazz noir and hypnotic musical poetry." They'll do two shows on Friday June 3. Seating is limited so get tix early!! Scoroll down for more info and links in the Gig Listings

Once is setting up a big day at Boynton Yards. The Somerville Solstice on June 25th will have vendors and a steady stream of music. Groups are Genie Santiago, Tigerman Woah, Black Helicopter, Grace Givertz, Assasi, Borboleta, Nectarine Girl, The Dripp. The Boynton Yards is a nice safe outside venue perfect for the summer days. Links etc in Gig Listings below.

Velvet UndergrouondThe Aquarium Drunkard website has posted some legendary tapes of the Velvet Underground playing the Boston Tea Party. The Tea Party was a home away from home for the Velvets. Many of us locals saw them there. When punk started in Boston a lot of the bands had a VU song in the set. The VU songs just had two or three chords and that fit the punk ethos just fine.

These tapes are bootlegs so the quality is of that type but not at the horrible end. You get a real audio picture of the way the Doug Yule version of the group sounded on stage.

“Waiting for the Man” is eight minutes long and “Sister Ray” is 22 minutes. Patti Smith’s favorite “Pale Blue Eyes” is in the set.

The song list: Move Right In 2. Waiting for the Man 3. What Goes On 4. Foggy Notion 5. Ferryboat Bill 6. Run Run Run 7. I Can’t Stand It 8. White Light White Heat 9. Pale Blue Eyes 10. Sister Ray
You can easily download the set at the Aquarium Drunkard website

While you’re there you can also check a podcast where they discuss Alan Vega of Suicide


Brian Young Brian Young started his show Crash Course for the Ravers with a block of songs for David Mirabella of the Rationals who died this week. David was a guest on CCFTR a few times. The Rationals’ music had a wide range of appeal with it’s fine songwriting and quality musicianship. You can hear that in Brian’s set.

To access the show go to the WMFO Schedule page , hit the Crash Course on the Saturday listing and then hit “archive” on that page.


Blowing Smoke With Twisted Rico gets Laura Larson and Danielle Cusack of The Scrunchies from Minneapolis this week. The Scrunchies are making a big mark in punk. If you don’t know The Scrunchies and their music this is a good place to get up to speed. On the podcast Steeve ends by playing “Absolute Maximum”. Give it a listen below.

They mention that they ordered their vinyl record version of the album over two years ago. That’s how backed up the vinyl manufacturing is these days. They also had lots of stories of shows cancelled because of Covid. That’s still a prominent issue. They also mentioned they want to come to Boston because they were number one on the WMBR rock playlist. Those things matter!!


Grommets Paper TIgers

When punk started new groups were popping up all over the place. It was simple ... a few chords and an idea or two. Now 45 years later things never seem that simple, unless you’re The Grommets. They seem to have that same spirit. Their new EP called the TP EP has songs that carry on from some simple ideas.

“Peanut Butter” is about just that. No metaphor about it…just peanut butter. “Wallet” starts with the question, ‘where is my wallet, keys, cell phone?’. It repeats that for a minute and that’s it, simple but real enough.

They do go for the metaphor on “ATM”. Where they don’t want to be another person’s emotional ATM. “Friends” has the punch line, “when the phone doesn’t ring, that’ll be me.” That’s funny in our book and we have this punk nugget on our Top Ten Songs.

Jamaica Plain’s The Grommets have been doing this for years. Sometimes it seems like they are the only one’s holding the fort on that old time punk spirit.

Paper Tigers have a new single in front of a new EP coming soon. “A Portrait of a Scene” is a sharp cut. Paper Tigers songs always have a hard hitting emotional element. When the singing starts you feel like there is something at stake in a Paper Tigers song.

The “I’m in for a penny, you’re in for a pound ….of flesh” line seems positively Shakespearian. The extra trebly lead line that plays during that line feels like it’s drilling into your head.

The PTs is playing Boston Calling this year. If they can transmit the elements of this song at that concert they should make a mark.

Tullte psyhc Tuttle psych Gypsy Moths

Doug Tuttle has two new songs out.
In "Enough Enough" there no flash just a solid piece of psych with a neat fuzzed out solo. The mid-tempo number is bookended by some electronic fluttering. Doug always out classes the completion.

"While Keeping Alive" is a trippy light psych that will immediately carry you along in its dreamy lull. Doug is a master of this. We are under the spell of this song and have it on our Top Ten Songs.

Gypsy Moths latest Bandcamp release is “Relievio” a jaunty nostalgic remembrance of early summers. The style is a throw back too. There’s a backwards guitar solo tucked in there near the end. It’s a very pleasant listening experience.


Here's some good shows coming up ..... **NOTE** double check with the clubs before going - many shows are getting canceled or postponed these days.

Key of Caustic May 2, 2022 (Monday) Major Stars, Lupo Citta, Adult Learners at Charlie's Kitchen

May 4, 2022 (Wednesday) Zygote Theory, Vangelism, Rawstrum, hiFi at The Midway

May 5, 2022 (Thursday) Minx, Key of Caustic, The Melted Chapstix, Bill Dwyer Band - Middle East Up.

May 6, 2022 (Friday) Phantom Ocean, The Guilloteenagers, Minusworld, Battlemode at The Cantab Underground.

May 6, 2022 (Friday) The Cryptics, The Brunt Of It, The Martians, Color Killer at The Middle East Up. FB page.

May 6, 2022 (Friday) My Life as a Ramone-An Interactive Speaking show by Marky Ramone followed by a screening of Rock 'N' Roll High School. "This multimedia event includes vintage photos, video clips and previously unheard stories behind the music." at The Greenwich Odeum Tix and info here.

May 6, 2022 (Friday) Baabes, Kid Gulliver, Gnarnia, Miracle Blood at Thirsty First, Lowell, FB page.

May 6, 2022 (Friday) Mad Painter meets Gregg Perry & Strange Berries at The Common Street Spiritual Center in Natick - FB page for info.

May 7, 2022 (Saturday) Stop Calling Me Frank, Jittery Jack Trio, Electric Button at The New World Tavern, Plymouth

Cryptics showMay 8, 2022 (Sunday) Once presents Field Day featuring Landlady and Girl with a Hawk at The Rockwell Davis Sq Somerville FB page.

May 8, 2022 (Sunday) Nervous Eaters, The Stigmatics, Sourpunch at Dusk in Provi, RI.

May 9, 2022 (Monday) Weatherless, Between 3 and 4, Built As Drawings, Betties at Charlie's Kitchen

May 11, 2022 (Wednesday) We Are But Your Children (An Oral History of the Nightclub ManRay) Book Reading/Signing at Hubba Hubba 7:30-9:30 FB page.

May 11, 2022 (Wednesday) The Nick Cave film This Much I Know to Be True at The Brattle Theater. Link to calendar and tickets.

May 12, 2022 (Thursday) Actor|Observer with Inspirit (former Vanna) and The World at The Sinclair

May 13, 2022 (Friday) Post Punk Tribute Night w/ The Temple of Mercy, Gretchen & The Banshees, Ghost Painted Sky (as the Cure ), DJ Sawtooth at The Middle East Up. TIX

May 14, 2022 (Saturday) Baabes, Mallcops, Mister Vertigo, The Jacklights at The Jungle

May 14, 2022 (Saturday) Thee Fighting Fish at The Square Root in Rozzie

May 15, 2022 (Sunday) Sunday Matinee with Kid Gulliver, Minibeast, Nightspell at Dusk in Providence 3-7PM FB page.

Nervous Eates showMay 16, 2022 (Monday) Coffin Salesman, North Star the Wanderer, Bad Idea USA, Superdown at Charlie's Kitchen

May 17, 2022 (Tuesday) Punk Rock Aerobics at Zone 3 in Allston.

May 18, 2022 (Wednesday) Lady Pills, Layzi, and Olivia Sisay at Once at The Rockwell

May 19, 2022 (Thursday) Sinnet, Today Junior, Airport at Notch Brewing in Brighton

May 20, 2022 (Friday) "Post Punk Night" at Sally O'Brien's Union Sq Somerville. with" 2 super groups: chuck ferreira & friends and duncan wilder johnson & friends -check the FB page.

May 20, 2022 (Friday) Mad Painter, Devious Intentions, Crash Cadet at the Jungle FB page

May 21, 2022 (Saturday) Nervous Eaters, Fireking and Justine and the Unclean at the Sanctuary in Maynard…The tickets are here

May 22, 2022 (Sunday) The Exploited, Cro-Mags, Total Chaos at The Middle East down. TIX

Rock ShowMay 23, 2022 (Monday) Linnea's Garden, Skylar Symone & the Local Enigma, Unit One at Charlie's Kitchen

May 24, 2022 (Tuesday) Punk Rock Aerobics at Zone 3 in Allston.

May 24, 2022 (Tuesday) Reverend Horton Heat, The Koffin Kats, Sasquatch & The Sickabillys at Alchemy in Providence, RI. FB page.

May 27, 2022 (Friday) Gretchen Shae & The Middle Eight, Damnation, Comet Pond, 13 Fridays at Ralph's Rock Diner

May 28, 2022 (Saturday) Rum Bar Records & Los Coronas CC Present Diablogato's Party at the Porrch - Music by Jittery Jack, Diablogato, The Dogmatics, Duck & Cover ... also Hod Rods, Rock'n' Roll, Soul Food, Booze, All Hot Rods, Customs, Stockers, and Bikes Welcome - this is an early affair starting at NOON!! at The Porch in Medford- FB page

May 28, 2022 (Saturday) Chris 'Dimwit' Taylor Memorial Show with The McGunks, The Black Cheers, The Dimwits, DRAGO (1st show in 8 years!) and Duck & Cover at The Midway - FB page.

May 28, 2022 (Saturday) Razors in the Night & Tijuana Sweetheart Reunion Show at Sonia, also on the bill Nothing But Enemies. FB page

Channel show May 28, 2022 (Saturday) The Channel 42nd Anniversary celebration with The Del Fuegos, Nervous Eaters. Also on the bill are Jon Butcher Axis, Barrence Whitfield, Charlie Farren, Sal Baglio and Fred Pineau who will all be playing in a 'super group' of sorts.. TIX

May 29, 2022 (Sunday) Mike Oliver Memorial Show with Watts, Gozu, Hey Zeus, Worshipper, Ceshci Ramos at Sonia - 7PM TIX here. FB page.

June 3, 2022 (Friday) Lydia Lunch and Tim Dahl will perform from the recent Murderous ... Again album. Two shows - 6:30 (tix) and 8:00 (tix).

June 6, 2022 (Tuesday) Punk Rock Aerobics at Zome 3 in Allston.

June 9, 2022 (Thursday) WMBR's Late Risers Club Turns 45, WMBR turns 60!! Celebrate with The Darts and Loretta at The Middle East Up.

June 11, 2022 (Saturday) SomerPride! from ONCE at Boynton Yards starts at Noon and goes all day and into the night with Matt Heaton @ 12:00 PM with a set for kids then Crow Follow, Lady Ro, Sweet Petunia, Phantom Ocean, Muzzins, Redd Haring, Brandie Blaze, Cakeswagg, DJ WhySham and end the night with Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys. Tix and vendor info etc here.

June 11, 2022 (Saturday) U-EY at the BUOY, State of the Union, Mercury On Mars, MFB (punk from Athol, MA) at The Midway for a Matinee at 3PM. FB page.

June 11, 2022 (Saturday) The Only Things, The Agonizers, The Brand New Luddites at Thirsty First in Lowell

Charlies KitchenJune 11, 2022 (Saturday) Murphy's Law, Lenny Lashley, Cinderblock at The Vault Music Hall & Pub in New Bedford. FB page.

June 12, 2022 (Sunday) Linnea's Garden, Tiffy, Girl with a Hawk at The Parlour in Providence, RI. FB page.

June 14, 2022 (Tuesday) Punk Rock Aerobics at Zone 3 in Allston.

June 15, 2022 (Wednesday) Jonathan Richman at 3S Artspace in Portsmouth NH. FB page for info.

June 18, 2022 (Saturday) 40 Years of The Queers Anniversary show also with The Dwarves, The Jasons, Stubborn Hearts at Sonia. TIX

June 18, 2022 (Saturday) THE ZULUS are back at The Paradise - tix here.

June 18, 2022 (Saturday) Randall Gibson Memorial at The French Club in Waltham. 2-9PM. FB page.

June 19, 2022 (Sunday) The Mahones, The Pourmen, The Gobshites at Askew in Provi, RI. FB page

June 24, 2022 (Friday) Concert for Ukraine with Cold Expectations, Tsunami of Sound, Holy Smoke and "Special Secret TBA" and DJ Kristen Eck at The Magic Room in Norwood ... TIX Magic Room FB page

Rock show posterJune 25, 2022 (Saturday) Once is putting on The Somerville Solstice on June 25th with vendors and a steady stream of music starting at noon with early setrs for kids. Groups are Genie Santiago, Tigerman Woah, Black Helicopter, Grace Givertz, Assasi, Borboleta, Nectarine Girl, The Dripp. Link to tix and more info here.

June 25, 2022 (Saturday) Concert for Ukraine with Smitt E Smitty & The Feztones, Gene Dante & The Future Starlets, Baabes, Modern Day Idols, Lonely Leesa & The Lost Cowboys and DJ Chachi The Magic Room in Norwood TIX Magic Room FB Page

June 25, 2022 (Saturday) Show in Honor of Jess Victor - White Dynomite, Muck and the Mires, Stop Calling Me Frank, Piranha Brothers, Screw Cart at The Middle East Up TIX and FB page.

June 28, 2022 (Tuesday) Punk Rock Aerobics at Zone 3 in Allston.

July 1, 2022 (Friday) The Prozacs, The Lousekateers, Lürking Class (NY), The Agonizers, Marko Bruiser at Ralph's Rock Diner

July 2, 2022 (Saturday) Hixx, Celseigh, The Stigmatics, Marianne Toilet and the Runs at The Midway

WMBRAugust 27, 2022 (Saturday) The Worst, Typhoid Rosie, Marianne Toilet and The Runs, Breaking Up at The Middle East Up.

September 2, 2022 (Friday) The Woggles with Muck and Mires & The Chelsea Curve at The Porch in Medford

September 8, 2022 (Thursday) D.R.I at Alchemy in Provi, RI - FB page.

September 17, 2022 (Saturday) Punks For Pets with Joy Boys, Sleep Mode, Sourpunch, Musclecah, Ghost Grrrl, The Debutantes, The Something Somethin’s, The Stigmatics - at The News Cafe - early show starting at 1PM. Bring something for the doggos and kittehs check the Donation List on the FB page.

October 5, 2022 (Wednesday) Dr. John Cooper Clarke at City Winery

October 9, 2022 (Sunday) L7: Bricks Are Heavy 30th Anniversary at Big NIght Live FB page.

October 11, 2022 (Tuesday) Agent Orange and Gnarnia at Alchemy in Provi, RI FB page.

October 15, 2022 (Saturday) Third Annual Punktoberfest at Thirsty First in Lowell...check the FB page for updates, bands etc.

CONTACT US Send us your gig listings, your anything else ya got!! You want your CD reviewed?? Contact us for that too.


Crash Course for the Ravers


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